You want receptions?He’ll catch emSwim in a deep seaOf double coverageTake all your big playsAnd grant emHe is bound to be a value

Sometimes don’t you just want to break into song? Well, the great Michael Mayer can make anyone feel that way. I’ll get to him shortly, but how about an intro? Welcome back to another week of core, tournament, and fades! What’s amazing is we’re basically halfway through the season. Not sure if I should be sad or happy about that. Regardless, the plays keep coming! Good luck this weekend!

Core Plays

The first core play of the night slate is going to be Drake Maye ($6,600) of UNC. The Tar Heel signal-caller is getting heavy usage on the ground (31% rushing usage projection) and has been deadly through the air, throwing for 21 touchdowns so far in 2022. UNC’s implied team total is the highest on the slate (36), making him an elite play here.

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