We’ve reached April, meaning the 2024 NFL Draft is just 24 days away. Many NFL teams have needs, and many players hope to hear their name called. Over the next few installments, I’ll be looking at NFL teams that might have a need in a certain area. Today, it’s teams that could—or should—be looking to get a boost at quarterback. The list below is grouped into Tiers and appears in alphabetical order.

The Desperate

Chicago Bears

On the Roster: Tyson Bagent and Brett Rypien

About: Going into the off-season, the question was whether the Bears would use the No. 1 overall pick on a quarterback or build around Justin Fields. That was answered when the Bears dealt Fields to the Steelers for a conditional Sixth-Round pick. With just Bagent and Rypien on the roster, the Bears are clearly going quarterback to start the draft, and they should. This is just about a lock.
Prediction: The Bears take Caleb Williams with the first pick.

Denver Broncos

On the Roster: Jarrett Stidham and Ben DiNucci

About: The Broncos absorbed a huge cap hit when letting Russell Wilson go. He’s in Pittsburgh now, leaving the Broncos cash-strapped and without a franchise quarterback. The Broncos hold the No. 12 overall pick, which is good but not great. The team also doesn’t have a Second-Round pick, meaning they’d have to dip into the future and/or add one of their franchise players to make a move. There’s also the question of whether Sean Payton believes in Stidham enough to roll the dice for one year and look to make more moves in 2025, when the Broncos will be flush with cap space.
Prediction: At some point, the Broncos must stop sacrificing the future. I believe the team is in on to the next off-season and will forgo moving up or taking a quarterback at 12.

New England Patriots

On the Roster: Jacoby Brissett, Bailey Zappe, and Nathan Rourke

About: The Patriots are starting over. They also have the third overall pick. Signing a veteran in Brissett gives them some flexibility, but he’s not a franchise quarterback or a long-term answer. Neither is Zappe. Still, New England could trade back from No. 3, or they could take another player, like Marvin Harrison, Jr. What does new coach Jerrod Mayo want to do as he begins his tenure in New England?
Prediction: The Patriots will get their man at No. 3, taking Drake Maye.

Washington Commanders

On the Roster: Marcus Mariota and Jake Fromm

About: It’s a new day for the Commanders, who hold the second overall pick. When the team shipped Sam Howell off to the Seattle Seahawks, they were clearly content to start over entirely. Mariota is there as a veteran bridge or backup. But the Commanders seem poised to take a quarterback with the second overall pick. The question is, who does new Offensive Coordinator Kliff Kingsbury want?
Prediction: I think the Commanders will roll the dice on Jayden Daniels.

In Need of an Upgrade

Las Vegas Raiders

On the Roster: Aidan O’Connell, Gardner Minshew, and Anthony Brown

About: The Raiders aren’t without options in 2024, meaning they likely won’t take a quarterback in the First Round. But are they set for the season and the future? That seems less like a lock. Rookie O’Connell finished the 2023 season for the Raiders and was fine. Minshew got a decent two-year deal after starting most of the 2023 season for the Colts and is doing fine. Either could be the starter in 2024, but neither feels like an excellent long-term option.
Prediction: If they see an opportunity, the Raiders will grab a Bo Nix/Michael Penix, Jr. type in the second or third round. If not, the team will have a role with the two they have.

Minnesota Vikings

On the Roster: Sam Darnold, Nick Mullens, and Jaren Hall

About: Some have speculated Darnold could be this year’s Baker Mayfield. Perhaps there’s that opportunity, but I don’t think the team is content with that. Darnold is great veteran insurance. It means the Vikings aren’t as desperate as some, but all their moves so far indicate they’re not satisfied. With two first-round picks, they’re in great shape to move up in the draft.
Prediction: The Vikings get up in the First Round and take J.J. McCarthy.

New York Giants

On the Roster: Daniel Jones, Drew Lock, and Tommy DeVito

About: The Giants are a mess on offense, with needs at receiver, offensive line, and running back. That’s without considering where the team could use an upgrade on defense. So, taking a quarterback early is a luxury. Still, the team doesn’t seem satisfied with Daniel Jones, though they’re stuck with him in 2024. The Giants added Lock as competition, but he doesn’t seem like a long-term answer. And DeVito, while a nice story, isn’t the solution, either. So, what is Brian Daboll to do? The team was a great story in 2022 and a disaster in 2023. Will he feel pressure to make a move to improve in 2024?
Prediction: The Giants don’t have to take a quarterback, and they won’t be in the first round. But if a good option, like Nix or Penix, falls in the Third Round, I could see them taking a swing.

Seattle Seahawks

On the Roster: Geno Smith and Sam Howell

About: The Seahawks also don’t need a quarterback—at least in 2024. The team has Smith, a serviceable starter for two years. But what will they be looking at beyond 2024? Howell may be their future. He is still on a rookie contract and showed some promise in 2023. Can a fresh start build on that? It’s possible that Seattle has filled its need.
Prediction: If Penix is available in the second or third round, I think Seattle could pounce. He played collegiately in Washington and would be reunited with his Offensive Coordinator.

Looking Toward the Future

Atlanta Falcons

On the Roster: Kirk Cousins and Taylor Heinicke

About: The Falcons, no doubt, hope Cousins is their man for the foreseeable future. He signed a four-year deal and is expected to help this team compete. The Falcons also have a competent backup in Heinicke, so the quarterback is far from needed. So, why are they on this list? Cousins isn’t getting any younger, and the Falcons traded Desmond Ridder. They could very well be looking for a young player at the position to groom.
Prediction: The Falcons will take a young quarterback, but not in 2024.

Los Angeles Rams

On the Roster: Matthew Stafford, Jimmy Garoppolo, and Stetson Bennett

About: The Rams grabbed a potential development player last year in Bennett. It didn’t work out, and it’s unclear if he will ever play for the Rams. The team has a solid veteran in Stafford and a solid backup in Garoppolo. For 2024, the team should be set to make another run. But how long does Stafford have left?
Prediction: The Rams love to use their later-round picks to acquire options at skill positions, and they’ve often succeeded in this. I suspect they’ll retake a shot at quarterback in the fourth round or later.

New York Jets

On the Roster: Aaron Rodgers, Tyrod Taylor, and Zach Wilson

About: The Jets are all in on 2024. The team moved to get Rodgers before last season, but it only lasted four snaps. Rodgers is set to be back, and the team added some insurance behind him in Taylor. Still, the clock is ticking. Wilson remains on the roster—for now—but it’s clear his future with the Jets is dim, at best. So, what might the team be looking for in 2025 and beyond?
Prediction: If the right opportunity presents itself, the Jets could sign a quarterback to groom for the future.

Wild Cards

Dallas Cowboys

On the Roster: Dak Prescott, Cooper Rush, and Trey Lance

About: The Cowboys have a franchise quarterback and plenty of backups, so what gives? Well, it’s not clear what the Cowboys’ plan is following the 2024 season. Could Dak be on the move? It seems that the Cowboys are open to letting that happen. The team also made a swing last off-season on Lance, giving them a potential future option. But that’s far from a set thing. I also don’t suspect Dallas wants to turn things over to Rush as the guy. So, could they be hedging for the future?
Prediction: I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Cowboys snag a quarterback in the later rounds just in case, especially if one falls.

New Orleans Saints

On the Roster: Derek Carr, Jake Haener, and Nathan Peterman

About: Carr is the man for the Saints—for now. The team doesn’t have much behind him, and it’s not clear that Carr is the long-term answer some thought he might be when he was acquired last off-season. The Saints have a new Offensive Coordinator, and the pressure is on Dennis Allen. Could the Saints be in the market to snag a future quarterback prospect?
Prediction: The Saints have needs, especially if they want to keep up with the Buccaneers and Falcons. Still, if a player drops in the second or third round, I could see the Saints taking a swing, if only to provide better depth.

Matthew Fox is a die-hard NFL fan and Broncos’ homer. He’s a member of the FSWA. You can find more from him on Twitter @knighthawk7734 or as co-host of the Fantasy Football Roundtable Podcast, a part of the Campus2Canton Network.

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