2022 Freshman & Supplemental Draft Guide



This guide is intended to provide you with information beyond a player’s height, weight, and star recruiting rating from the various services. The analysis inside breaks down players’ backgrounds, their strengths and weaknesses, the college production that we can expect based on depth charts and offensive system, and if there appears to be long-term NFL upside.

It should be noted that all listed heights and weights ( unless otherwise stated) are those listed by 24 7 Sports. High school statistics are provided if available. Athletic testing numbers will be listed as verified or unverified, depending on the source of the information. We’ve also attempted to record speed data on players whose verified speed was called into question by the collective. You’ll find those interspersed throughout the profiles.

How would I use this guide? You’ll notice that the players are all split into tiers from 1 to 6. Generally speaking, the tiers get larger the further down you go. Each position is also ranked separately.

The tiers are more important than the individual rankings! We had quite a lot of fun arguing about the order for all of these players, and we are sure you will too. Don’t be afraid to take a lower- ranked player that you prefer over another in the same tier. After all, it is your team!

We’ve also included “supplemental players.”These are players that are not freshmen but should be available in most draft formats. We drew these names from a pool of players rostered by fewer than 5% of people on Fantrax at the end of 2021. Some names may not be available for you. You may also have more obvious names available due to your league settings. The tiers here equate to the freshman tiers, so don’t forget to check that section for names you should be thinking about!