ATL’s Most Exciting Route Runner

After a strong freshman season, Georgia Tech WR Eric Singleton Jr. is ready to go ham in 2024.

Nothing Mid About Him: Nicholas Vatti(atti-atti-atti-atti)ato

#BLUEnited has a starting QB that could be a massive boon for CFF – here’s what you need to know about Nicholas Vattiato! Good luck getting the Megan Thee Stallion song out of your head, if you know it!

Basketball Stud to 100-Target Man: WMU’s Hidden Pig

Could their be a @VolumePigs receiver lurking in Kalamazoo? This Bronco WR is ready to eat, grab him before his value spikes!

Mobile to Pig City: Two Tickets Please

Pull up to the table, @VolumePigs serves up a great one for your CFF squad! South Alabama has several potential HOGS and players who could lead you to fantasy GOLD

Stanford’s True Freshman Future Pig

Stanford is facing a lot of change but could have a freshman RB lurking as a potential @VolumePigs

Best and Worst Picks of Our First C2C CFF Best Ball Draft

The Campus2Canton family got together for a CFF Best Ball Draft – here’s part two of our takeaways from the Draft!

Major Takeaways From the First of Many CFF Best Ball Drafts

The staff at @Campus2Canton gathered for the first C2C Best Ball Draft for CFF. Here are a few key takeaways from the draft!

Caleb Odom: Alabama’s Future TEITO?

A future @VolumePigs is lurking with the TE Designation – but he could go ham for your CFF Lineups and see a massive value increase

Post-Combine Mock Draft

It’s time for another @Campus2Canton mock draft, with the combine in the books. The staff joined together to mock the first two rounds as we would take them!

2024 QB Model – Using Neural Networks

Using Neural Networks, @ednaBEASTmode shows how we can predict fantasy football success for the 2024 QB class!