Like the river’s flow shapes the ancient mountain’s path, a quarterback’s trust in his tight end weaves the winning route through the defense’s mighty peaks.

— Ancient CFF Proverb

  • (Iowa) Addison Ostrenga — The Hawkeyes don’t really have anyone else left in their TE room these days, and with Brian Ferentz now banished, perhaps they’ll be scoring with more regularity. Who are we kidding? This is still Iowa. And that’s a good thing— we know they like to utilize the TE position heavily. Ostrenga is coming off back-to-back 10+ point performances (1PPR), and they play Illinois this week, who are 97th apparently, vs. TEs this season, according to Fantrax. You could do worse!
  • (Syracuse) Dan Villari — The TE position has been an absolute shit show this year. We know this. But on Saturday, something very notable happened. Former UM QB and current Syracuse TE Dan Villari carried the football 17 times for 154 yards and a score (22 points). Who knows what the plan is this week vs. GA Tech(does anybody — including their coaches — know?)? I mean, you don’t have that much to lose at TE anyway; why not swing big for the upside? It should be noted, too, that Villari hasn’t been that bad this season outside of Saturday’s performance, with two prior games over 10 points (14.7 and 13.7). This is the first time we’ve seen him take double-digit carries, though.
  • (BGSU) Harold Fannin — Fannin is coming off a monster (on the TE scale) performance this week with 21.7 points, finishing third on the week behind only Villari and SMHU’s Jackson Sherrard. The intriguing thing about Fannin is that he tends to also get carries in MACtion, which is a sinister combination for potential CFF production. He has three straight games of over ten points and another nice MACtion contest upcoming vs. Toledo, who is admittedly pretty good on defense, but at TE— why not swing big?
  • (Cal) Jack Endries — Endries has quietly made himself a productive TE in the last month or so. He’s gone over 13 points in three of his last five matches, and so he’s not a bad option. Although it seems he pops off every other week, so maybe it’ll be a dud this weekend? Only time will tell…
  • (Tulane) Alex Bauman — Over 13 points in three of his last four, Bauman is a sneaky strong play at TE this week. He’s only 3% owned! Who are ya’ll rostering out there?!
  • (UConn) Justin Joly — Any TE who scores over 20 points one time is immediately startable in my book. Joly has now scored 13 or more points in three of his last five (including a 24.6 pointer) and is coming off back-to-back ten-target weeks. I like the volume, and they play an FCS school this week in Sacred Heart. Screw it, why not, right?
  • (Temple) David Martin-Robinson/Jordan Smith — The problem with both of these guys is that it’s hard to predict which one will pop off when. At the same time, why does it have to be one or the other? This weekend, DMR scored a very nice 15.8 points, while Smith put up a respectable 12.9. The thing that makes this offense special (sometimes) is the absurd pass volume that is attempted on a week-to-week basis. Temple gets another cream puff opponent this weekend vs. UAB.

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