Starting this week I will give you the menu of look ahead lines on Draft Kings. Usually released on Wednesdays these lines give you a chance to jump on value over a week before the games are played. One value risk is if the team you’re backing suffers a key injury on Saturday. However, I like jumping on these lines as they are usually softer than the numbers during game week.

Troy @ South Alabama -3.5

UCLA @ Oregon -5.5

Minnesota @ Penn State -4.5

Texas -1.5 @ Oklahoma St

Mississippi State @ Alabama -17.5

Syracuse @ Clemson -16.5

Kansas @ Baylor -9.5

Ole Miss -1 @ LSU

Boise St @ Air Force -1

Kansas St @ TCU -6

Right off the bat, that Ole Miss number looks odd. LSU is a dumpster fire and most recently looked totally washed against Tennessee. If they lose to Florida and Ole Miss stomps Auburn as a 2 touchdown favorite, I think this is going to be at least a field goal margin favoring Ole Miss by next week. I also lean Texas to beat Ok St and I’ll take the points with Syracuse heading to Clemson.

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