What is a Campus to Canton (C2C) fantasy league?

Campus to Canton, or “C2C” for short, fantasy football leagues are rapidly becoming more popular. But what is C2C? C2C leagues integrate elements of college fantasy football, NFL fantasy football, and dynasty fantasy football. Each league manager has two teams in the league: a college fantasy team and an NFL fantasy team. So, league mates compete against each other in both college fantasy and NFL fantasy, with the ultimate objective of winning both sides of the league in any respective year.

Each league manager’s college roster also serves as a pipeline to her or his respective NFL fantasy roster.

For example, if a league manager has former Heisman Trophy winner Bryce Young rostered, then the league manager’s team gets Young’s points on the college side of the C2C league while Young is at Alabama. Then, when Young declares for the NFL draft and is inevitably a first-round NFL draft pick, he is transferred over to the league manager’s NFL roster.

This new format gives football and fantasy football enthusiasts new ways to watch the game. Track and cheer for your favorite players from their freshman season at your favorite school all the way through the end of their Hall of Fame NFL career.

What is C2C – Campus2Canton.com?

Campus2Canton.com is the C2C content website designed to help you navigate your Campus to Canton fantasy leagues. With everything from rankings to tools and articles, the Campus2Canton Freshman & Supplemental Draft Guide, YouTube videos, podcasts, and its Discord community, Campus2Canton.com has absolutely everything you could need to dive into the world of C2C.

With over 770 college players ranked, Campus2Canton.com has you covered for every round of both the college and NFL sides of your C2C start-up or supplemental draft.

What is C2C?

Campus2Canton.com also offers innovative tools, allowing you to compare and track the progress of your favorite college players against other college players, or the collegiate careers of your favorite NFL players.

Advanced Metrics

Where can I play college fantasy football?

As of this writing, Fantrax is the only platform that offers college fantasy football. However, Campus2Canton.com hopes to push the envelope and encourage other fantasy platforms to offer college fantasy football in the very near future.

For the purposes of C2C, the college side of the league is hosted on Fantrax. The NFL side of your league can be hosted wherever you play NFL fantasy football.

What is “devy”?

“Devy” is short for “developmental”. Devy is a type of fantasy football where college players can be rostered. However, college players sit stagnant and do not score points until they enter the NFL draft. The difference between devy and C2C is that C2C incorporates college fantasy football. The collegiate players’ stats are worth points to the league manager who has that player rostered – just like any NFL fantasy league.

What is “CFF”?

CFF is the acronym for college fantasy football. College fantasy football is very similar to traditional NFL redraft fantasy football. In this format, the only thing that matters is the points the player can score. Projecting the college player to the NFL is not a consideration in traditional college fantasy football. For that reason, G5 mega producers tend to be just as or even more valuable than your favorite 5-star running back, who may sit a year or two before being deployed. For example, in this format, Central Michigan running back Lew Nichols is just as or more valuable (as of this writing) as stud Ohio State running back Treveyon Henderson.

All aspects of the college fantasy game are evolving. We believe this is the ground floor for the game, and Campus2Canton strives to be at the forefront of this emerging space.

Become a member now, join the Discord community, and get into a C2C league today.

Example of C2C League By-Laws

After reading all of that, I’m sure you’re excited to try a Campus2Canton league now. But knowing where to start can be tough, especially for a commissioner of a C2C league. You’ll have a lot of decisions to make about how to set up your league: from what site to play the NFL side on, to how many players to have, to the scoring settings, and more. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry. We’re here to help! Click here for a copy of some generic C2C league by-laws that can help you get started.

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