Chris Moxley gets really deep, taking the Louisiana-Monroe moneyline in order to make a run up the leaderboard!

The betting department at is launching an exciting contest to see who is the sharpest of our bunch. This season Wil (@biasedopinions_), Chris (@chrismoxley19) and Alfred (@AlfredJF) will submit a spred bet, a moneyline and a 3-bet parlay each week. Points will be awarded as follows:

  • Spread bet (any wager between -110 and +110 odds) will be wroth 1 point in the contest
  • Moneyline wins will be worth X/100 for underdogs and 100/X points for favorites (ex: taking a -145 favorite would give the winner 0.67 points in the contest).
  • Parlay bets must be a 3 play wager and points will be awarded with the same formula as above

You can follow along with this written update or watch/listen to the show on YouTube or wherever you get your podcasts.


  1. Alfred – 21.32 points (16-11)
  2. Chris – 12.83 points (10-17)
  3. Wil – 7.31 points (8-19)

As a group, if all picks (including parlays) were individual bets we are 77-57-1 (57%)

Week 10 Cards


  • Spread: Liberty/Ole Miss OVER 68
  • Moneyline: Wake Forest +112
  • Parlay: Baylor -6.5, Michigan State -2.5, Wisconsin -13.5 (+554)


  • Spread: Kansas/KanSt UNDER 56.5
  • Moneyline: ULM +150
  • Parlay: Baylor/TCU UNDER , Alabama 1H -17, Charlotte/Rice UNDER (+595)


  • Spread: Oregon -6.5
  • Moneyline: Mich St -150
  • Parlay: Utah -7.5, GT/UM over 63.5, Cal/Zona under 50.5 (+580)

Follow along this year and see who’s the high roller at C2C!

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