While the games happening on the field are obviously the best part of college football, I can’t help but admit that I love the offseason. The debates, the trades, the team building, and the best ball drafts make for a good time, all things considered. Jared has recently released his very own dynasty rankings, which you should definitely check out. These rankings have me thinking about my perception of the four trades that have gone down in the month of May in my OG dynasty league. Let’s break them down! 

DJ Giddens (Kansas State) and Justus Ross-Simmons (Syracuse) for Brennan Presley (Oklahoma State) and Kole Wilson (Texas State)

Looking at this one from a pure 2024 standpoint, this feels pretty straight up. Giddens is an elite CFF option this season and is being picked in the top 12 picks of every best ball. JRS is considered an intriguing late-round flier at WR.

On the other side of things, we get Presley, who is firmly entrenched in the third or fourth rounds, with Wilson being taken by the tenth round as the second-best WR on Texas State. Gun to my head, I prefer the WR combo because I’m not in on JRS at all.

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From a dynasty perspective, though, that’s where this gets interesting. Giddens is gone after this year, more likely than not. JRS has multiple years remaining but is likely to be just another late-round dart in 2025 drafts. Presley runs out of eligibility after this season, while Wilson is a true Junior. With Joey Hobert gone in 2025, does Wilson take over that elite WR spot in the Texas State offense and subsequently be a top-three-round pick? The value will hold at the very least year over year.

I already liked the WR combo side in this one when looking at it for 2024, and so I really like this same side when looking at JRS vs Wilson in 2025. It’s not an egregious trade by any means, but I think it’s clear Presley/Wilson is the side to have here. 

Kole Wilson (Texas State) for Parker Jenkins (Houston)

Wilson traded again! I’m biased here as I traded Jenkins away for Wilson, but overall, I think this is as even as it gets. Both have multiple years of eligibility (Jenkins three, Wilson two) and both have nice value currently. Wilson is technically more coveted in 2024, but the upside of Jenkins in this new Houston offense is high. Would it be that crazy to see Jenkins put up two Makhi Hughes seasons in a row? With the same coaching staff but at Tulane, Hughes ran for 1,378 yards and seven TDs on 258 carries. You have to project Jenkins to slide into that role successfully, but it’s not that much of a stretch. 

It has been noted already, but, Wilson has similar upside next season with some projecting. As long as GJ Kinne is the head coach, Texas State WRs will have a ton of value. Speaking to why I moved Jenkins, I have strong depth at RB (CJ Baxter, Omarion Hampton, Jordan James, and Rueben Owens) but have a weak WR group. Landing a strong WR for 2024 was important even if I technically gave away a guy with 1 more year of eligibility and big-time upside in Jenkins. I call this one even and so does X, as a recent poll of mine asking which side the voter preferred is currently sitting at 50/50! 

Damien Martinez (Miami) and Dylan Sampson (Tennessee) for Garrett Greene (West Virginia)

Big trade alert! It’s not often a top-ten QB gets moved, but that’s exactly what happened this offseason. Greene (my QB7) was moved for Martinez (my RB9) and Sampson (my RB41). I would love for Greene to somehow have two years of eligibility, but that’s likely not to be the case.

Meanwhile, both RBs have at least two years of eligibility making this one a strong return for a one-year QB. I honestly would consider Greene for Martinez, pretty even in a one-for-one trade. This is a six-points-per-passing TD league, too, giving the RB combo the nod considering Greene’s lack of passing TD volume.

Courtesy of WVU Athletics

Greene does have the upside to win you weeks with his legs, though. I think the move to Miami was wise and will be fruitful for Martinez. To add in Sampson, who has looked good at Tennessee and is being taken in the single digits of best ball drafts right now, is A+ work by that CFF GM. 

Brayden Fowler-Nicolosi (Colorado State) for Chrishon McCray (Kent State)

A smaller trade, but one that I think will be impactful for both teams moving forward. McCray is more valuable in my eyes as you can guess. I’ve never been a fan of BFN and McCray is a guy rising up drafts this offseason and has two years of eligibility. McCray had 73 targets in nine games last season, but even more importantly, he had 10+ targets in four of his last five games. This guy is set up to have 100+ targets in the MAC.

On the other hand, BFN has potentially three years of eligibility and is fully entrenched as the starter of a really nice offensive system as Colorado State. While I’m not a fan of him due to him being a zero in the run game, could the volume continue to be high and his talents improve making him a really good QB for CFF? It’s also worth noting that this league is Froton approved! In this league’s scoring format, he produced 20 FPPG last season thanks to six points per passing TD. The QB room for the team receiving BFN was a little thin and at the very least needed a decent floor guy for 2+ years. 

Have a dynasty trade you want me to discuss? Send them my way and I’ll pick out 5 to write for another article here at Campus 2 Canton!

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