Campus to Canton drafts are on the verge of kicking off and we’ve been working tirelessly with mock drafts to build ADP. For this article, I will be taking a look at players who, based on our ADP, and specifically my  ranks, are proportionally different. I will also give you players that I believe are values in their current rounds at their ADP. However, to understand why I value players the way that I do and why I would draft players in their spots I will give you a rundown of my typical draft strategy on the college side.

Drafting on the college side typically happens before you draft on the NFL side. This means you’re building the bones of your future NFL rosters. While it may not seem so, some of these players will eventually be in the NFL and will help you win your NFL Lombardi trophies. However, drafting for the NFL isn’t the only way to go about a campus draft. Many like to draft to win on the college side. In fact, I prefer to win on the college side. 

With the amount of players available and possible lineup variations, the college side can be just as, if not more difficult to win. When it comes to a college draft, I tend to draft players who are top tier college players who have NFL upside. After that player pool is diminished, I lean toward players who still may have some NFL upside but may not be mega producers on the college side. Once those players have all been drafted, I typically go for whichever high-end college producers remain. 

As these mock drafts have been completed, one thing has become apparent: In almost every draft the top four picks are the top tier quarterbacks and  the running back that most consider the best in college.

Many believe these top four quarterbacks are destined for NFL upside. However, at this point I’m pivoting to grabbing running backs and wide receivers in the first couple rounds and grabbing quarterbacks with NFL potential later in the draft. Here are some of the quarterbacks that I’m targeting later in drafts.


Carson Strong- Nevada (March ADP- 43.00)

Carson Strong finished 20th in scoring at quarterback in 2020 (285.4 points.) Strong is currently ranked as my fourth overall quarterback on the college side yet is being drafted as the ninth quarterback. He’s going anywhere from the middle of the third to late fourth round in most of our mock drafts. While I don’t love taking him here, it’s still a value for me. Strong has NFL upside and could easily move his way into a fight for the third quarterback to be drafted in the 2022 class. On the college side he has  incredible weapons in wide receivers Romeo Doubs, Elijah Cooks and Tory Horton  and tight end Cole Turner . Nevada had the 43 ranked offense in 2020 and I expect it will  get better this year with a full spring and fall training camp.

Hudson Card- Texas (March ADP- 58.50)

Card is a sophomore coming into the 2021 season. As of right now he isn’t even the guaranteed starter. With a battle looming with Casey Thompson you could be taking on a risk drafting him this high. However, Card is the better player and should end up winning the job. Steve Sarkisian has had a top 10 offense the past few seasons and will bring those concepts with him to Texas. Card is an accurate passer and athleticism he should be a top quarterback on the college side with NFL upside.

Matt Corral- Ole Miss (March ADP- 67.33)

Matt Corral is one of the more confusing prospects to watch. One moment he’ll make a throw that will have you saying “wow” and take your breath away. The next pass will be the most confusing pass you’ve seen and leave you scratching your head. What makes Corral so interesting is that he has all the talent to be a top NFL pick. With the 2022 class up in the air after the top two, we could see Corral being the third QB off the board. Last year Ole Miss finished as the 15th best offense in college. Corral finished as the 7th highest scoring QB in college fantasy. He should be right back in the top 10 again this year. If you can get more consistent play from him in 2021, you could be looking at an NFL quarterback.

Grant Wells- Marshall (March ADP- 163.00)

(Jake Crandall/The Montgomery Advertiser via AP)

Wells  is my shot in the dark quarterback. Last year Wells started out on fire and was one of the top scoring quarterbacks for the first half of the season. Unfortunately, we saw the bad side of Wells in the past four weeks of the season when he really struggled. Wells finished as the 38th quarterback on the college side paired with the 44th ranked college offense. I expect him to take a step forward in 2021 with another year in college and in this system. Wells flashed last year and I’ll bet on him doing that again in 2021. He’s being selected in the 13th round as 45th quarterback to be drafted right now per our ADP.

Running Backs

Sincere McCormick- UTSA (March ADP- 71.33)

What running back last year finished top 5 in four major categories? If you guessed Sincere McCormick you would be correct. He finished 5th in 10+ yard runs, 4th in 15+ yard runs, 3rd in missed tackles, and 3rd in rushing yards. McCormick just produces. So why is he being drafted so low? My only guess is most don’t see him as much of an NFL prospect. While this may be true for the most part, McCormick is a producer on the college side. He finished as a top 10 running back last year and I believe would have been higher had he found the end zone a bit more.

Tyler Allgeier- BYU (March ADP- 88.67)

Much like McCormick, Tyler Allgeier had an underrated season in 2020. While he didn’t finish top 5, he did finish top 15 in all the same categories last season. Allgeier finished 7th in 10+ yard runs, 5th in 15+ yard runs, 13th in missed tackles, and 8th in yards. One major difference for the two is, I see more of an NFL future for Allgeier. Allgeier finished as the 11th best college back in 2020 and is currently my RB19. You’re getting a major value here as he is currently going as RB31. Allgeier can do it all but likely will catch less passes with Zach Wilson going into the NFL. Still he should produce as a top 15 RB for college and I believe can secure decent NFL draft capital in next seasons draft.

Re’Mahn Davis- Vanderbilt (March ADP- 109.33) (Youtube)

Re’Mahn is that dude and is continually being slept on. Now with Vanderbilt I believe we are about to see the best version of Davis since he’s been in college. He only played in four games last year before opting out and entering the transfer portal. Yet Davis had an impressive freshmen season with Temple. He came in as a true freshmen and beat out everyone on that roster to get the starting nod. Word is he’s impressing in camp right now and should be the guy carrying the workload for Vanderbilt. While they aren’t expected to have a high-powered offense, he is a decent receiver out of the backfield as well so should be on the field. He is currently my 12th ranked running back and is being drafted as the 33rd RB. I expect Davis to be a top 15 RB in the 2021 season and much like Allgeier, I expect him to secure himself decent draft capital in next year’s draft.

Wide Receiver

Jalen McMillan- Washington (March ADP- 98.00)

McMillan is entering his redshirt freshman season for Washington and is poised to be the top receiver in this offense. McMillan in limited time as a freshman showed us great burst and the ability to get on top of defenders. For his size he gets down the field with ease and should be the deep receiver for the Huskies. Coming into the season McMillan looked to be buried on the depth chart. However, with multiple transfers from the wide receiver position this spring, McMillan has vaulted toward the top of the depth chart. The only question I have for McMillan right now, is who will be throwing him the ball? Regardless of who his QB is though, he should produce and as a top wide receiver going in the 8th round as the 33rd wide receiver off the board, I’m taking that shot in every draft.

Zay Flowers- Boston College (March ADP- 109.00)

Flowers was not a name many were talking about at the start of the 2021 season. Then quarterback Phil Jurkovec transferred to Boston College and Flowers was fed the ball. With a competent quarterback at the helm, Flowers showed he wasn’t just a deep threat but could be used all over the field. With Jurkovec returning for another season this should allow both Flowers and Jurkovec to grow even more and continue to produce. While Flowers struggled with drops last year (7) he will still be the number one receiver in this offense and targeted heavily. Flowers is coming off the board as the 36th WR in the 9th round. Our consensus ranks have him as the 24th ranked WR. Take the value and laugh all the way to the bank, as he will produce on the college side this year and has the upside of a day two NFL pick.

Mookie Cooper- Missouri (March ADP- 188.50)

Mookie Cooper, a former Ohio State Buckeye, missed his senior year of high school due to transferring schools. He committed to Ohio State and ended up sitting the entire year. With an already loaded WR room, Chris Olave returning, and the Buckeyes adding more five-star talent to their receiver core, Mookie Cooper entered the transfer portal and joined Missouri. Cooper stands out on this depth chart as one of the more talented receivers on this roster. He projects to be more of a slot receiver and should be a dangerous threat in the short to intermediate area of the field. Missouri will likely be behind in most games, leading them to pass more, Cooper could be in-line for a breakout season. With the chance to put up points as a top target in a likely pass heavy offense, Cooper is coming off the board as the 66th ranked receiver and in the 15th round. This is criminal value as he is currently ranked as my 33rd receiver and our site consensus 42nd receiver.

These are just a few of the outliers in the ADP based on my current campus rankings. Be sure to continue to check back for more values as we continue to push mocks until Fantrax opens up. All of these players can help you win on the college side and most project to have some future in the NFL. With some of these players even bringing in massive values during the draft. Make sure to stay tuned into as we will be rolling out our ADP App very soon to illustrate even more values in C2C drafts.

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