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QB Timothy Carpenter — Indiana

Former JMU head coach Curt Cignetti’s departure from the Dukes sent shockwaves through the CFB ecosystem. Now he’ll be taking his track record of elite QB development to Indiana. For good measure, he also brought along his OC and QBs coach from JMU with him. 

Enter 6’3″, 215-pound c/o 2024 true freshman Tim Carpenter. He fits the mold of mobile QBs that Cignetti looks for and has had success with, making him an intriguing piece for seasons down the line. He won’t be doing much in 2024 (most likely), but 2025 and beyond are fair game. However, in today’s world, who knows where Carpenter will ultimately end up. He’s just as likely to be in the transfer portal this time next year than still with the Hoosiers, but for now, I like him as a potential gem to tuck away. 

RB Kameron Davis — Florida State

FSU’s Mike Norvell might have adopted an RB-by-committee approach lately, but once upon a time, he was the head coach of a Memphis Tigers program that was famous for producing volume pigs in the backfield. Even if that’s never going to be the case again with the Seminoles, Davis is potentially walking into an opportunity to start sooner rather than later. The futures of FSU’s two leading backs this past season are still up in the air (with Benson expected to be headed toward the NFL). 

Davis was a coveted recruit; both Alabama and Georgia made a push for the South Georgia star. He’s also an elite baseball player, and there was talk early on of him choosing to go pro in that sport instead. For now, he’s a football player and a damn good one at that. Don’t be surprised if you see Davis making plays as soon as September 2024.

RB Anthony McMillan — San Diego State

I’m fired up about SDSU’s new coach—Sean Lewis. Mostly because he has a very volume pig-esque track record at multiple positions. While he was at Kent State, he had multiple WRs get #Pigged, and his lead RB—Marquez Cooper, was routinely fed early and often (and he was undersized, even for the MAC). 

Enter c/o 2024 prospect Anthony McMillan out of the Mater Dei Catholic (not to be confused with the South LA powerhouse prep—Mater Dei), is SDSU’s second-highest recruit this cycle and their only RB committed. As you can see from the top, he committed under the previous regime, so we’ll have to wait and see how Lewis feels about him (assuming he makes it into the class), but McMillan certainly has the size profile to potentially be #Pigged down the line.

RB Jordan Marshall — Michigan

This one is perhaps obvious— the track record at the RB position under Harbaugh is elite. He routinely #Pigged his RBs while at Stanford and, beginning in 2021, started to do the same at Michigan. Presumably, Blake Corum will be moving on at some point, and who knows what’s going to happen with Donovan Edwards. Marshall comes in with a similar size profile to Corum and is mostly likely a prospect that they’ll be grooming to replace that role at some point. It might not be this season or even next, but Marshall is probably going to be a CFF-relevant player before his CFB days are over.

WR Jeremiah Melvin — Wake Forest

Wake Forest has made a killing at the WR position under HC Dave Clawson, and in particular, they have produced a number of elite boundary WRs who fit a taller profile. Melvin fits that size profile, and with true sophomore Wesley Grimes, KeShawn Williams, and senior wideout Jahmal Banks’ departures, there will be an opportunity this season for Melvin — if he’s a stud — to come in immediately and make an impact.

WR Isiah Canion — Georgia Tech

The Yellowjackets have become a surprisingly fun team with former Georgia QBs coach Buster Faulkner calling plays at OC. In 2023, multiple RBs and WRs became fantasy-relevant, in particular true freshman Eric Singleton. Canion had some interest from Georgia and Notre Dame before committing to Georgia Tech, so he must be pretty good at football. He’ll have plenty of opportunity to step in right away this season opposite of Singleton and Hayes.

WR Kyan Berry Johnson — Wisconsin

There’s one thing we know about Wisconsin’s OC Phil Longo, and that’s that he loves the slot receiver position. This season, it was Will Pauling who took over that role and had a solid season. The years prior, it was Josh Downs at UNC who torched CFB. 

Kyan Berry Johnson has the name of a potential CFF superstar, but more importantly, he will likely be a slot receiver when he arrives in Wisconsin. This makes him a potentially lucrative CFF asset to hold.

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