Tight ends are a blast if you have them. If you have a true tight end – and I mean a true tight end – then life is good. God didn’t make very many true tight ends. Just go to the mall and the big, long-armed guys you see at the mall – you’ll see a couple, but most of them can’t run fast, and those that can probably can’t catch. So there’s not very many of them.

Mike Leach (RIP), former football coach

Sam Olson (ARI)

Olson followed his old coach from SJSU after being a multiyear starter there along with Dominick Mazzoti. He also happened to finish 2023 off with a bang, with 19- and 20-point performances to end the year. Reports say TMac will be back and healthy at WR by August, but consider that AU may need to rely on some of the other targets more, especially early on, and Olson is a known commodity to the head coach.

Mason Taylor (LSU)

Brian Kelly has been vocal about increasing the emphasis on the TE position this season, and with the top two WRs moving on from a year ago, it feels like a fruitful recipe for Taylor’s CFF profile. Nussmeier showed good rapport with Taylor when he played in the second half of the SECCG.

Jack Velling (MSU)

Courtesy of Saturday Out West

Velling broke out last year with the Beavers, and then he followed his coach to Michigan State. He should be used similarly this year, immediately putting him in the conversation for top-five CFF TE.

Gavin Bartholemew (PITT)

If the spring game was any indication, Bartholemew will be featured in this offense. The quarterback play should also be upgraded.

Justin Ball (MISST)

Ball was a big contributor in the spring game, scoring twice in one half alone. The former Vanderbilt player doesn’t have a lot of production to his name so far in his career, but that’ll probably be changing this year. Ball is everything I like in TE profiles; it has a high upside with zero cost. The probability is low that he’ll hit, like most TEs, but taking some shots is worth your while.

Michael Harrison (SDSU)

Harrison could potentially rise the most out of any of the names soon on this list as we receive more information from camp. He wasn’t on campus during the spring, so the uncertainty is what’s holding him back for me. He is another hybrid WR/TE player, and when Travis Hunter went down last year, he was very productive, especially for TE. He followed his old coach to SDSU, and if he ends up in the same role, Harrison could be the best ‘TE’ in CFF.

Reese Clark (TEM) 

Clark is apparently the guy who’s expected to offload the vacated production from the two TEs moving on. There will be question marks around Temple’s QB play and offensive potency, but Clark could be a volume guy.

Kyle Morlock (FSU)

Morlock transferred last year but played a fairly minimal role in the offense. Many players moved on, but he’s back for year two in the program. With Malik Benson going down with an injury, the Noles could be forced to turn to the TE more in the passing game.

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