I wasn’t sure what to expect heading into the Dallas Regional. I purposely didn’t watch any film or look at any player ratings heading into this event. I wanted to see these players live and running the drills. 

Overall, the camp is a great experience with so much knowledge walking on the field in the form of coaches and scouts. They split the QBs into groups of 4-6 and rotated them running multiple drills. To test accuracy, strength, and mechanics. It’s an incredible experience, meant to help players continue to grow. My favorite thing to come out of the camp was when Brian Stumpf said, “This isn’t the end of the road. This is a stop along a great journey for all of you.” Meaning never stop competing and working. They mentioned Stetson Bennett and his walk-on to winning a National Championship. There isn’t one road to success. 

Players That Stood Out to Me

Austin Novosad- 6’3″ 180 lbs. (Dripping Springs HS) 2023 class


Novosad stood out to me from the start of the competition. His accuracy on the move and from standing still. He had great zip on his throws when needed to hit the sideline throws and enough air on deep throws and over defenders (coaches standing in.) He was impressive in the mobility drills. Loose hips, and he was throwing off-platform with ease. He made throwing on the run look easy and effortless.

Austin Novosad competing in the mobility drill. Taken by Matt Bruening at the Dallas Regional

Novosad won the accuracy award with 22 points for the competition, and it’s clear why. He looked different out there and earned himself an invite to the Elite 11 Finals, and it was well deserved.

Jackson Arnold- 6’1″ 195 lbs. (Guyer HS) 2023 class

Jackson Arnold competing in the mobility drills. taken by Matt Bruening

One of the more prominent names in the camp was impressive as well. Arnold’s passes were smooth and easy. He excelled in the deep passing, and corner route throws. He was good in the mobility drills as well. Some of the more impressive throws Arnold made were to the corner of the end-zone and layering his throws over coaches.

Jackson Arnold competing in the mobility drill. Taken by Matt Bruening at the Dallas Regional

Arnold also earned an invite to the Finals, and it was deserved.

Graham Knowles- 6’6″ 208 lbs. (Southlake Carrol HS) 2024 class

Knowles stood out to me in the short/intermediate passing drills. He displayed good zip and accuracy. The ball came out of his hand effortlessly, and he looked like a player who could start to garner some notice. He tosses an absolutely beautiful deep pass. He can generate some decent power and length in passes from a solid base.

Marcos Davila- 6’3″ 205 lbs. (Midland Legacy HS) 2024 class

Davila was accurate all over the field. He showed well in the deep passing drills and was almost always on target in the short/intermediate area. He has decent zip in the short/intermediate area but could use some more on deep passing. 

Davila won the accuracy award for the ’24 class with a score of 22.

Mason Welch- 6’3″ 215 lbs. (Northwood HS) 2023 class

Mason Welch competes in the short passing competition. Taken by Matt Bruening during Dallas Regional.

Welch was a grown man out there. He looked different physically compared to most of the other players out there. Welch struggled on some short throws to the sideline and the corner routes. He had plenty of zip, though, and excelled in the deep passing and slant throws. He was average in the mobility drills. Some of that may have just been due to his size, but he was good passing on the move.

Austin Gonzalez- 5’11” 175 lbs. (Lovejoy HS) 2023 class

Gonzalez is a smaller QB, but man, he could absolutely sling it. He has a strong base and great mechanics. His delivery was smooth, and he was very accurate. He’s listed as 5’11,” and I would guess he’s probably a bit shorter. He was impressive with the deep ball. He was able to generate the zip and air yards on his throws, fun to watch for his size. 

Kevin Sperry- 6’0″ 190 lbs. (Rock Hill HS) 2025 class

While a few years away from graduating, Sperry looked good. He’s got good zip and showed some accuracy. I liked his mechanics and easy delivery. He had some of the harder throws I saw in the short/intermediate area. He stood out in the standing sideline throws and slant routes. 

Michael Hawkins Jr.- 6’1″ 185 lbs. (Allen HS) 2024 class

Michael Hawkins Jr. competing in the short route drill. Taken by Matt Bruening at the Dallas Regional

Hawkins was fun to watch. He excelled in the short/intermediate area. Smooth and easy release with good zip. He’s well built and drives his throws. He was impressive in the mobility drill as well. He moved well in the simulated pocket and quickly got out and threw off-platform. All the throws I saw were accurate and on the money. I was not able to watch him in the deep passing drills.

Honorable Mentions

Jake Strong- 6’2″ 200 lbs. (Northwest HS) 2023 class

Strong was incredible in the combine and finished as the fourth QB in combine testing. He backed that up with some impressive deep throws and looked good in the mobility drill. I missed his short/intermediate and end-zone drills, but from the scouts I talked to there that did see him, they all said he was impressive.

Bo Edmundson- 6’3″ 195 lbs. (Lake Travis HS) 2023 class

He was impressive in the first few drills but suffered an injury and did not return to the competition.

Elite 11 Dallas Regional was an incredible experience, one I won’t soon forget. Make sure to stay tuned into campus2canton for all of your Elite 11 competitions. We will have someone at five of the next six events giving you as much coverage of the Elite 11 competition as we can.

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