This is our inaugural Freak list for the 2023 class, this a project we will hopefully be continuing in the coming years for the upcoming recruiting classes as well. @solvingfootball and I dove as far into this class as we could to find what we think are the best, most freakish athletes that are projected to play the fantasy relevant positions we all love. It’s not a short read, so sit back, get cozy, and dive in.

All percentiles are based on data from former and current college/NFL players. For example, 100m percentiles are going up against Olympic Gold Medalist Jim Hines, the first man to break the ten-second barrier in the 100m with a time of 9.9 seconds. This applies to all events. Basically, we are saying that if you see a player with a low percentile, they are still a very high-end athlete. They are just being compared to some of the most athletic people in American sports history.

There is a wide variety of MPH data floating around. We time our own by hand with game tape, which you will see in the article with the approximate sign(~) next to it. Companies like Recruiting Analytics and The Underclassmen Report use AI to time a player’s MPH from game tape. Then there is the catapult data that is hardware on a player that times their MPH. Typically the catapult data comes from workouts without pads. These are marked in the article with a note (without pads). These MPH times are not comparable to the game speed times, so they will not have a percentile next to them. The MPH percentiles are based on our hand times, Recruiting Analytics times, The Underclassmen Report times, and all available NFL Next Gen MPH times.

Honorable Mentions

A’Marion Peterson, Abu Sama, Andereya Nsubuga Jr., Ardell Banks, Beau Lilly, Braxton Woodson, Bryce Cohoon, Carmelo Taylor, Carter McElhany, Cole Adams, DJ Oliver, Jamal Roberts, Jurrion Dickey, Kevin Doe, Korbin Hendrix, London Humphreys, Micah Mays, Nathaniel Joseph, Nyziah Hunter, Parker Jenkins, Reed Harris, Shamar Easter, Tyler Floyd, Xavier Filsaime, and Xavier Thomas.

50. Jaidyn Doss WR 6’0” 195 lbs.
Nebraska/Raymore-Peculiar MO

First up on the list, Doss has a good blend of both size and speed. His track events aren’t head-turning, with an 11.36 100m (21%tile) and 21.1-foot long jump (29%tile). But on the field, we could clock him at 21.3 MPH (80%tile). He also reportedly runs a 4.47 40 and vertical jumps 35 inches. Very well built for a player his age. He shouldn’t need to add much or any weight.

49. Jeremiyah Love RB 6’0” 190 lbs.
Undecided/Christian Brothers College MO

Love is listed at ATH on 247, but it seems he will end up at RB. He tested very well at camps running a laser timed 4.48, hitting 35 inches on the vert and 119 inches on the broad. He backed that up with a 100m time of 10.76 (66%tile) and a 200m time of 22.11 (61%tile). Still undecided, but he has a lot of really good offers to choose from.

48. Joshua Manning WR 6’3” 190 lbs.
Undecided/Lee’s Summit MO

Manning has pretty good speed for his size: ~20.7 MPH (58%tile), 11.15 100m (35%tile), and 22.21 200m (58%tile). He was second best in the State of Missouri for the triple jump (48.42’/79%tile) and long jump (24.48’/87%tile). For context, Julio Jones triple jumped 49.08’ in high school. He also has a few 180-degree dunks on the basketball highlight reel. We don’t have a measurement on him, but he also appears to have a large wingspan.

47. Dontavius Braswell RB 5’11” 200 lbs.
South Carolina/Washington County GA

There is not much information on Braswell, but he has impressive speed numbers. In the 100m, he was timed at 10.72 (69%tile), and in the 200m, he was timed at 21.99 (65%tile). We also got him at 21.2 MPH (74%tile) on the field. These are all really solid times for a guy listed at 200lbs.

46. Johntay Cook WR 6’0” 170 lbs.
Texas/Desoto TX

This was a difficult ranking for us. We know Cook is a high-end athlete, but unfortunately, we don’t have enough numbers to fully back it. We still felt he deserved a spot on the list because of this. Cook did participate in track; he put up some decent jumps with a 22.83-foot long jump (62%tile) and a 43.27 triple jump (29%tile). These are good but not head-turning numbers. We know he has a large wingspan for his height, at 76 inches (46%tile). On the field, the fastest we could clock him at was 20.7 MPH (57%tile). It’s apparent to us, though, when you watch the tape, he is very athletic. Cook recently posted a video of him racing incoming Texas A&M freshman Evan Stewart for about 25 yards, and Cook seems to have been ahead by a bit. For comparison, Stewart could run the 100m in 10.58 seconds.

45. Ryan Niblett WR 5’10” 170 lbs.
Texas/Aldine Eisenhower TX

Niblett has track and on-field speed. On the track, he ran a 10.41 100m (91%tile), 22.15 200m (60%tile), 7.08 60m (23%tile), and was able to hit a top mph of 21.2 MPH (75%tile) on the field. He’s also quite the jumper with a 23.52’ long jump (77%tile) and a 45.71’ triple jump (51%). Being in the 1,000 lbs lifting club also adds to his athletic profile. Niblett has maxes of 230 bench, 365 squat, and 415 deadlift. All good marks for his size. Lastly, his 75” wingspan (34%tile) is good relative to his height.

44. Richard Young RB 5’11” 199 lbs.
Undecided/Lehigh Senior FL

Young is an imposing RB with an impressive blend of size, speed, and strength. He’s already 200 lbs. with a frame to get to 215-220. He’s run a 4.49 40 in a camp, a 10.81 wind-aided 100m, and an in-game max mph of ~21.3 (81%tile). Young also squatted 500 lbs. as a 16-year-old. His overall physical profile and aggressive running style suggest a promising future.

43. Marquez Stevenson WR 6’0” 170 lbs.
Texas Tech/Captain Shreve LA

Stevenson finished an excellent track season and appeared on 247’s fastest players list. In the 100m, he was timed at 10.59 (80%tile), in the 200m, he was timed at 21.51 (80%tile), in the 400m, he was timed at 47.18 (90%tile), and in the 60m, he was timed at 6.94 (46%tile). A player will not often perform this well at all these different distances. You will see a good amount of examples of that on this list. He should make for an interesting future fit in that Texas Tech offense.

42. John Randle Jr RB 6’0” 180 lbs.
Undecided/Heights KS

Courtesy of Irish Sports Daily

Randle has strong RB bloodlines as his dad played at Kansas, and his uncle is the former Oklahoma State and Cowboys RB Joseph Randle. He checks boxes on speed, agility, and explosiveness. His in-game max MPH is 21.2 (75%tile). He had a 4.22 short shuttle (63%tile) in camp. He also triple jumped 49.3’ (85%tile) and long jumped 23.4’ (74%tile). His triple jump is second best in the class. His slender build is the only knock on him, but there’s no denying his exceptional athletic profile.

41. Jaelon Barbarin WR 5’9” 180 lbs.
Undecided/Simi Valley CA

Barbarin earned his first Power 5 offer (Kansas St) by having a big track and field season. He ran a wind-aided 10.37 100m (93%tile), a 21.38 200m (84%tile), and a 6.91 60m (52%tile). His fastest official 100m time is 10.47 (88%tile). He’s also very fast on the field, hitting ~21.5 MPH (87%tile). He could play RB or WR at the next level.

40. Eli Holstein QB 6’4” 222 lbs.
Alabama/Zachary LA

Holstein broke the quarterback SPARQ rating at the Elite 11 Las Vegas regional in May 2022. He had a score of 133.56. This included a 40-yard dash of 4.64, a short shuttle of 4.19, a vertical jump of 38.3”, and a Powerball throw of 45.5’. Any score of 130 or higher puts a player in elite athletic company. From what I could find, the previous top five were: Drew Keszi (124.86), Will Levis (123.27), Brandon Wimbush (123.03), Justin Fields (120.03), and Jarrett Guarantano (120.06). Holstein’s arm strength is also near the top of the class as he can generate ~54 MPH ball velocity.

39. Cole Cabana RB 6’0” 180 lbs.
Michigan/Dexter MI

Cabana is easily one of the fastest all-purpose backs in the country. In March, he competed in the Adidas Track Nationals, where he took second in the 60m (6.82/69%tile) and fourth in the 55m (6.43/69%tile). The rest of his speed metrics are ~21.5 max MPH (87%tile), 10.55 100m (82%tile), and 21.86 200m (70%tile). Cabana has good agility and explosiveness on tape, but we couldn’t find any metrics to back that up.

38. Ashton Cozart WR 6’3” 190 lbs.
Oregon/Marcus TX

Cozart’s big camp numbers put him on the map. He ran a laser 4.45 40 (85%tile), vertically jumped 33” (36%tile), and broad jumped 128” (92%tile). He also ran a 10.74 100m (69%tile) and hit ~20.9 MPH (64%tile) in a game. Cozart has a plus catch radius that’s helped by his above-average wingspan of 77” (54%tile). His size and speed combo should help him win downfield at the next level.

37. Jeremiah Cobb RB 5’11” 190 lbs.
Auburn/Montgomery Catholic Preparatory AL

The versatile RB and recent Auburn commit has put up some good speed times. In the 100m, he was timed at 10.88 (57%tile), and in the 200m, he was timed at 22.21 (57%tile). Cobb also has reported max lifts of 315 lbs. on the bench, 505 lbs. on the deadlift, and 325 lbs. on the power clean. On the field, we clocked Cobb at ~21.4 MPH (83%tile).

36. Adam Hopkins WR 5’11” 174 lbs.
Undecided/Thomas County Central GA

We only have one data point for Hopkins, but it’s a very good one. According to The Underclassman Report, he hit a verified 21.98 MPH (96%tile) on an interception return. Hopkins is listed as a WR by the services but might be an even better corner prospect.

35. JeyQuan Smith WR 5’10” 170 lbs.
Undecided/Cajon CA

Smith is a big Californian track standout. He was tenth best in that state this spring in the 200m (21.14/91%tile). He’s run several wind-aided 10.5 100m, but his best official 100m is 10.64 (76&tile). He backs up his track times on the field, where he’s hit a max MPH of ~21.5 (87%tile). Smith also has verified explosiveness as he long jumped 22.63’ (56%tile).

34. Chris Nelson WR 5’8” 150 lbs.
Undecided/South Forsyth GA

Nelson is an electric under-the-radar receiver who only holds an offer from Georgia State. His track times of 10.23 100m (95%tile) and 20.87 200m (95%tile) are ridiculous. He also plays fast, hitting ~21.2 MPH (75%tile) on the field. Nelson can also long jump 23.58’ (78%tile). A productive senior season should get him more attention.

33. Kyron Jones RB 6’0” 193 lbs.
Undecided/Charlotte Christian NC

Jones makes this list for having good size and excellent verifiable speed. At the FBU Top Gun camp, with 1,500 participants, he ran the fastest laser 40 at 4.54. He can hit ~21.5 MPH (87%tile) on the field. He also ran a 10.6 100m (79%tile) and a 21.6 200m (79%tile).

32. Dijon Stanley ATH 6’1” 175 lbs.
Utah/Granada Hills CA

Stanley has one of the best 400m times in this class with a time of 46.94. On top of that, he also participated in the 100m and 200m sprints, where he was timed at 10.88 (57%tile) and 21.3 (87%tile). On the field, we clocked him at ~21.2 MPH (74%tile), and he also reports that he runs a 4.45. These are pretty consistent speed numbers across the board. He is listed at RB, but given Utah’s apparent size preference at that position, we expect him to be making the move to WR.

31. Avery Johnson QB 6’2” 175 lbs.
Kansas State/Maize KS

Courtesy of Yahoo Sports

Johnson’s stock is at an all-time high. He recently became an Elite 11 finalist. His twitchy athleticism stands out above his peers. At the Nashville Elite 11 regional, he had a 4.54 40 (63%tile), 36” vertical jump (70%tile), and 4.24 short shuttle (60%tile). He has a quick whip motion that can generate over 50 MPH of ball velocity. He’s one of the faster QBs we have an in-game MPH on (21.1/72%tile). Johnson led his basketball team in scoring on their way to a Kansas State Championship. He’s also a rangy centerfielder on the baseball diamond. Johnson’s athleticism and arm talent should get him on the field early at Kansas State.

30. Quinten Joyner RB 5’10” 190 lbs.
USC/Manor TX

Joyner is a well-built RB with one of the best straight-line speed and strength combinations. He can hit ~21.4 MPH (83%tile) in-game and run a 10.99 100m (49%tile) on the track. He’s also nearly in the 1,200 lbs lifting club with maxes of 315 bench, 450 squat, and 425 deadlift. His 49’ shot put almost matches Bo Jackson (50.08’), does match Jonathan Stewart (49’), and beats out Saquan Barkley (45.75) and recent #1 consensus RB Nicholas Singleton (46.08’).

29. Jaylen Lloyd WR 6’1” 161 lbs.
Undecided/Central NE

Lloyd has an impressive combination of both speed and jumping. In the 100m, he was timed at 10.43 (89%tile), in the 200m, he was timed at 21.32 (86%tile), and in the 60m, he was timed at 7.00 (38%tile). In the jumps, he was able to post 25.46 feet in the long jump (92%tile) and 50.5 feet in the triple jump (89%tile). These are very high-end athletic numbers for a player who isn’t being recruited very heavily.

28. William Fowles WR 6’2” 212 lbs.
Undecided/Dade Christian School FL

Fowles is a big-bodied deep threat and makes a lot of explosive plays. Unfortunately, we only have two data points to reference for his athleticism: his game speed. We were able to clock him at ~21.2 MPH. He also reports he runs a 4.47 40, which lines up with his mph time. This is a perfect combo of size and speed and should suit him well in a role as an outside receiver at the next level.

27. Christopher Johnson RB 5’11” 178 lbs.
Undecided/Dillard FL

Johnson is Florida fast. Since winning the Florida 3A state title in the 100m (10.45/89%tile) and 200m(20.73/96%tile) this spring, his recruitment has blown up. He’s added offers from Alabama, Georgia, Clemson, etc. He projects as an all-purpose RB but has the receiving skills to play WR as well.

26. Keyon Brown WR 6’3” 188 lbs.
Oklahoma/James Rickards FL

Brown visited Alabama, Oklahoma, and Auburn in June. Those teams got his measurements, worked him out, and offered him on the spot. He reportedly ran in the low 4.4s. He also has verified speed wearing a catapult vest, hitting 21.69 mph. We have him hitting ~21.0 MPH in-game (68%tile). He also has a verified 122” broad jump (73%tile). Brown has an impressive physique, a huge catch radius, and can sink his hips. He’s been tearing up the 7v7 circuit and is primed for a big senior season.

25. Marquis Johnson WR 5’11” 176 lbs.
Missouri/Dickinson TX

Marquis is another speedy WR in this class, both in-game speed and on the track. This track season, he ran a 10.37 100m (92%tile) and 21.72 200m (75%tile). He also participated in the long jump, where he got 23.92 feet (80%tile). On the field, we clocked him at ~21.7 MPH (91%tile), one of the fastest in the class.

24. Justin Marshall WR 5’11” 175 lbs.
Colorado State/Merrillville IN

A player I expect to be one of the biggest risers in the class this season, we have timed Marshall at a very high-end game speed. At 21.9 MPH (94%tile), he is one of the best in this class in game speed. Marshall has also dabbled in track and did alright but doesn’t seem to be a consistent participant, so I don’t think they are as relevant. I would be surprised if he stays recently committed to CSU, but if he does, he could be an early producer there.

23. Dylan Edwards RB 5’9” 165 lbs.
Kansas State/Derby KS

Time is a flat circle. Kansas State lands another electric diminutive RB, closely comparable to Darren Sproles and Deuce Vaughn. He’s the fastest of the three. We have him hitting ~22.0 MPH in-game (96%tile). Edwards also won the fastest man competition at the Under Armour Future 50 when he ran a 4.39 laser 40 and hit 22.9 mph on the GPS (without pads). His 125” broad jump (85%tile) is a mark you want to see from an RB. Edwards is one of the more fun players in this class.

22. Rueben Owens RB 5’11” 190 lbs.
Louisville/El Campo TX

Courtesy of San Antonio Express News

Owens is a top RB in this class and has some pretty good athletic numbers to go along with it. In track, he was timed at 10.68 in the 100m (73%tile) and also did the jumps where he got 23.31 feet in the long jump (71%tile) and 42.23 feet in the triple jump (19%tile). Owens is also one of the few players with a lot of football testing numbers. He was timed at 4.5 in the 40, jumped 34 inches on the vert, and was timed at 4.42 in the shuttle. On the field, Owens has impressive game speed, being timed at 21.5 MPH (86%tile).

21. Jalen Brown WR 6’1” 160 lbs.
Undecided/Gulliver Prep FL

Brown is one of the higher-rated WRs in this class and has the athletic numbers to back it up. For his track sprints, he ran the 100m in 10.66 seconds (75%tile), the 200m in 20.98 (94%tile), and the 400m in 49.7 (71%tile). Additionally, we have clocked him at ~21.3 MPH on the field.

20. Anthony Evans WR 6’2” 185 lbs.
Undecided/Judson TX

Evans had one of the fastest 100m times of this high school track season, and he was timed at 10.27 (95%tile). He also ran in the 200m and the 400, where he was timed at 20.98 (94%tile) and 49.17 (71%tile) for those. In the jumps, he got 24.23 feet in the long jump (86%tile) and 44.46 feet in the triple jump (37%tile). His speed should suit him well in a field stretcher role at the next level.

19. Braylon James WR 6’2” 185 lbs.
Notre Dame/Stony Point TX

James makes this list for blowing up camp combines. His testing numbers are 4.47 40, 4.27 short shuttle, 38.4 vertical jump, and a ridiculous 130.9 broad jump (97%tile). His track numbers are solid as well; 14.14 110m hurdles (21st best in TX), 300m hurdles (82nd best in TX), and 6’4” high jump (81st best in TX). James’ wingspan is 77 ¼” (57%tile). We got his in-game max MPH at ~20.5 (47%tile), which slightly weakens his athletic profile. He’ll be the next Notre Dame receiver to blow up the combine.

18. Kaleb Jackson RB 5’10” 200 lbs.
LSU/Liberty Magnet LA

The recent LSU commit has some pretty high-end game speed, being clocked at 21.8 MPH (92%tile). Along with this, he has reportedly increased his weight to 215 lbs. if that’s true and he can maintain his speed with the added weight, then he should be pretty physically imposing. Kaleb also did track and was timed at 10.66 in the 100m (75%tile) and 22.28 in the 200m (55%tile).

17. Carter Shaw 6’2” 180 lbs.
Undecided/Sacred Heart Prep CA

Carter is the son of Stanford head coach David Shaw. He’s one of the fastest players in the class that can hit 22.0 MPH in-game(96%tile). Recruiting Analytics gave him an in-game athleticism score of 90 out of 100. Shaw also has good length with a 78” wingspan (63%tile). His lack of offers is most likely due to his underwhelming track times. 11.66 100m, 22.69 200m, and 52.43 400m aren’t going to turn many heads. Teams that value in-game tracking data over track times should start to show interest. At the very least, he should get an offer from his old man.

16. Aidan Mizell WR 6’2” 180 lbs.
Undecided/Boone FL

Mizell is gifted with very athletic genes. His cousin is Tovani Mizell, a potential five-star RB in the 2024 class. His mother was an All-American sprinter at the University of Florida. She qualified for the NCAA 400m finals twice. He picked up where she left off by running a blazing 46.99 400m (91%tile) that was good for fifth in Florida and 29th nationally. He also ran a 10.72 100m (69%tile)and hit an in-game speed of ~21.6 MPH (90%tile). Mizell is one of the best receivers after the catch in this class, and his speed plays a big part in that.

15. Jaquaize Pettaway WR 5’11” 170 lbs.
Oklahoma/Langham Creek TX

Pettaway has a lot of really strong track numbers and, on the field, speed to back it up. In the 100m (91%tile), he was timed at 10.41, and in the 200m, 20.81 (95%tile). He also performed in the jumps, where he had almost 23 feet in the long jump (64%tile) and 43 feet in the triple jump (22%tile). We clocked him on the field at ~21.5 MPH (86%tile), and he looks it on film. He will likely be used in a majority slot role at Oklahoma.

14. Devin McCuin WR 6’0” 178 lbs.
UTSA/Jacksonville TX

Courtesy of Tyler Morning Telegraph

McCuin offers a pretty strong blend of speed and explosiveness. In track, he was timed at 10.54 in the 100m (83%tile), and outside of the way, he ran a 4.37 40-yard dash and had a 42-inch vertical jump. At his size with these athletic traits, he should be a pretty effective down-the-field threat at the next level, and UTSA is an excellent system for an under-the-radar freak athlete.

13. Jaren Hamilton WR 6’1” 188 lbs.
Undecided/F. W. Buchholz FL

Hamilton started heating up this spring by acquiring offers from Michigan, Michigan State, and West Virginia. Now he’s entirely on fire after being offered by Alabama and USC this summer. Alabama had him in for a camp where he ran a 4.4 40 and broad jumped over ten feet. The 4.4 40 has been documented on multiple visits, and his on-field speed of ~21.2 MPH (75%tile) at his size suggests he’s in that range on the field. It’s also been reported that Hamilton has an explosive 41” vertical jump (97%tile). One of his biggest athletic feats was placing 34th in Florida for the 400m as an eighth grader. As a sophomore, he placed 23rd in the 200m with a time of 21.56 (80%tile).

12. Heston Miller ATH 6’0” 200 lbs.
Undecided/West Plains MO

Heston is currently a pretty underrated recruit, but he has all the tools to be a good player at the next level. In track, he has been timed at 10.58 in the 100m (80%tile) and 21.82 in the 200m (72%tile), and we have clocked him on the field at ~21.5 MPH (86%tile). Very impressive straight-line speed at 200 lbs. He also has hit 40” in the vertical jump and has a 74” wingspan(25%tile). He could end up playing either RB or WR at the next level, and I think he projects well at both.

11. Cedric Baxter RB 6’1” 215 lbs.
Undecided/Edgewater FL

The top RB for many, Baxter is the best size-speed RB in this class, being clocked at ~21.5mph(86%tile). Other than this, Baxter lacks other athletic data, so we could only rank him so high on the list. In 2020 he had a reported 4.59 40-yard dash, but I don’t find that to be as relevant as his MPH time. The rest of his athletic profile is a bit of a mystery, but with the size and speed, he made it just outside the top ten.

10. Tennel Bryant WR 5’10” 162 lbs.
Undecided/Archbishop Moeller OH

The fastest player in this class with his game speed, we clocked him at ~22.7 MPH. This is one of the fastest times I have ever recorded for a player. He also has verified track times of 10.29 in the 100m (95%tile) and 21.73 in the 200m (75%tile). There were many guys with similar track times to this, but none could get near Tennel’s speed on the field. He doesn’t have a huge offer list currently, but I expect that to change after another productive season and more exposure.

9. Drew Hall ATH 6’4” 215 lbs
Undecided/Cheshire Academy CT

Hall was an under-the-radar prospect until April 2022, when Texas Tech stepped in and offered. Since then, he’s added four more offers, two from the Power Five. His size-adjusted athleticism is drawing teams in. He has good speed, as we have him hitting ~20.8 MPH (61%tile), a 4.57 40, and an unverified 10.9 100m. He can long jump 22.0’, triple jump 43.08’, high jump 6.33’, and broad jump 128” (92%tile). Guys his size generally don’t compete in the triple jump; Cedric Tillman is the closest comparable in this regard as he jumped 43’ at 205 lbs. in high school. Hall also has a 78” wingspan (63%tile) and can deadlift 420 lbs. (44%tile). Hall likely sticks at WR, but he could add weight to play TE at the next level.

8. Shamar Porter WR 6’3” 192 lbs.
Kentucky/Ensworth TN

Porter has a nice blend of size, speed, agility, and explosiveness. He has a big frame that looks like it could comfortably hold 210-215 lbs. His arm length is 33” (78%tile), and his wingspan is 79 ⅜” (86%tile). He ran a 4.4 40 in a camp setting, a 10.89 100m (55%tile), and hit a max mph of ~21.0 in-game (68%tile). His 4.05 (94%tile) short shuttle is especially impressive given his size. Porter’s 118” (50%tile) broad jump and 43.25” triple jump are solid. The size and triple jump combo resemble Javon Walker in high school.

7. Beni Ngoyi WR 6’4” 180 lbs.
Iowa State/Lincoln NE

Ngoyi is one of the longest and most athletic players on this list. His length and jumping ability give him the most impressive catch radius in the 2023 class. He has a pterodactyl-like 6’10’’ wingspan(96%tile). Ngoyi has an absurd verified 42” vertical jump(99%tile) and 130” broad jump(98%tile). He also triple jumped 44.29’. Nogyi’s long strides help him gain ground quickly. His speed data is good across the board: 4.46 40, ~21.0 in-game max mph(68%tile), 7.05 60m, 11.02 100m, 22.66 200m.

6. Zion Tracy WR 5’10” 180 lbs.
Undecided/Long Island Lutheran NY

Tracy was originally a member of the 2022 recruiting class but opted to take a year at prep school before moving on to college, which now makes him a 2023 recruit. He was being underrecruited, and his decision to go to prep seems to be paying off as he has picked up a few FBS offers recently and also visited Georgia earlier this month. Tracy possesses many high-end athletic traits running a 4.42 40-yard dash and hitting 40 inches on the vertical jump. He has also been timed at 4.24 seconds on the shuttle and a 126-inch broad jump.

On top of all of this, he is reported to have an 80-inch wingspan (87%tile), which is absurdly long for a player his height. If all of that is not enough for you, at a camp, he was timed at 22.77 MPH (without pads). When you turn on the tape, his athletic ability is immediately noticeable. He is a very fluid mover and accelerates with ease. Tracy could also play CB in college, which is something to look out for. At the moment, though, there is no indication which side of the ball he will be playing on.

5. Malachi Coleman WR 6’5” 190 lbs.
Nebraska/Lincoln East NE

Coleman has a ton of length and verified track speed. He has a verified 10.46 100m (88%tile) and a 21.31 200m (86%tile) in the sprints and a 46.38-foot triple jump(61%tile). He also recorded a 38-inch vertical jump. On the field, we clocked him at ~21.1 MPH (72%tile), which lines up with his track times. In addition to football and track, he also plays on the basketball team. The Nebraska commit should thrive at X receiver if he stays there, he is being offered to play defense by other schools, but it seems he is pretty locked in.

4. Duce Robinson TE 6’6” 225 lbs.
Undecided/Pinnacle AZ

Courtesy of Sports 360 AZ

Duce is a dude. My eyes were immediately drawn to him at the Elite 11 finals. He has a well-proportioned body that currently carries 225 lbs. with ease. He should have no problem getting to 250 lbs. He’s a huge target, with a 6’10” wingspan (89%tile), 35” arms (97%tile), and 10” + hands, that’ll make life easy for his QB. His verified camp numbers of a 4.7 40 and 35.6” vertical jump(70%tile) and his in-game max MPH of ~21.2 (75%tile) are very good for his size.

Robinson is also a legitimate baseball prospect that holds double-digit offers. His last fastball recording was two years ago when he hit 86 MPH. He projects as a power-hitting outfielder that’s drawn comparisons to Mike Stanton and Aaron Judge by recruiting services. He’s also a high-quality defender for the basketball team that’ll occasionally mix in a highlight dunk. Lastly, he can do a standing back flip, which feels uncommon for a guy of his stature.

3. Zachariah Branch WR 5’10” 172 lbs.
USC/Bishop Gorman NV

For many, the top WR in this class is a freak athlete, even for his smaller size. In track, all of his events are pretty high-end, 10.33 100m (93%tile) and 21.01 200m (93%tile) in the sprints. In the jumps, he had 24 feet on the long jump (82%tile) and 46.35 feet on the triple jump (60%tile).

On the field, we have clocked Branch at ~21.4 MPH(83%tile). Branch is very fast and explosive. If we had data on agility testing, I would imagine he scores very high in that area too. He does have pretty good reported lifting maxes, though, with a 275 lb. bench, a 515 lb. squat, and a 300 lb. power clean. Zachariah’s grandfather, Cliff Branch, was a freak in his own right, too, with a 10.00 100m (99%tile), 20.5 200m (97%tile), and a 6.14 55m(90%tile). He went on to have a great career with the Raiders and is on the verge of being put into the NFL Hall of Fame (he should have got in already).

2. Hykeem Williams WR 6’3” 215 lbs.
Undecided/Stranahan FL

Hykeem is very big and very fast. Unfortunately, there is very little athletic information available on Hykeem, but what we do have are an MPH time and his current size. Hykeem has been clocked at 22.24 MPH (98%tile) on the field by The Underclassman Report, which is very high-end. Additionally, On3 recently updated his weight to 215 lbs. as opposed to 247s listing of 200 lbs. He also plays on his school’s basketball team, averaging twelve points and ten rebounds a game. Williams participated on the track team in 2021, but only for the 4×100 events, so there are no individual times on him there. As a freshman, he was also varsity on his school’s swim team. On the tape, though, Hykeem’s athletic ability is very apparent, and he has the second highest ceiling of any WR in this class.

1. Cameron Seldon ATH 6’2” 220 lbs.
Tennessee/Northumberland VA

Seldon has the best combo of size and speed in this class. We have timed him at approximately ~22.3 MPH (99%tile) on the field, which is insane in general, but at his size shouldn’t be possible. The closest comparison in the NFL to this is Cordarelle Patterson, who is listed at the same size and has been timed at 22.23 MPH by NFL Next Gen Stats. Seldon is also going to Tennessee and is a WR/RB hybrid, so it will be interesting to see how that pans out for him. Seldon also has some impressive track times with a 10.5 100m (86%tile) and 21.75 in the 200m (74%tile).

It should be noted that at his weight though these are remarkable numbers, the vast majority of sprinters are under 200lbs. That also comes into play for his results in the jumping events, which he did not do as great at. Seldon also claims to have run a 4.27 40-yard dash, but it is not verifiable. His reported lifting maxes are 370 lbs. on the bench and 405 lbs. on the deadlift. I think his best fit going forward is at RB, but either way, his potential is through the roof.

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