The 2024 NFL Draft is over, and the biggest wave of free agency is over. That makes it a perfect time to take stock of NFL rosters as we head toward the 2024 season. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be looking at the quarterbacks, running backs, and pass catchers for all 32 NFL Teams. I’ll rank each unit 1-16 in their conference.

When it comes to assessing the whole unit, it’s not just about star power but depth. That’s especially true as we begin with quarterbacks. A total of 66 quarterbacks started in 2023, and 68 started in 2022. That means you need more than one—sometimes more than two! Today, I look at the top of the NFC Quarterbacks, teams eight through one. Teams appear in ascending order.

Here are the 16-9 QB Ranking units.

No. 8: San Francisco 49ers

On the Roster: Brock Purdy, Josh Dobbs, Brandon Allen, and Tanner Mordecai

About: The 49ers were in the Super Bowl last season and should be a strong contender again in 2024. The team is solid throughout its offense, and that includes at quarterback. Sam Darnold left for the Vikings, but the 49ers’ room is still deep. And it’s led by Purdy, who, going into year three, has established himself as a solid, young franchise player at the position. He threw for 4,280 yards and 31 touchdowns, going 12-4 as a starter in 2023. The team added Dobbs, who started for two different teams in 2023, and still has the veteran Allen in its room. That gives the team depth, and options should Purdy miss time.

No. 7: Seattle Seahawks

On the Roster: Geno Smith, Sam Howell, Chevan Cordiero

About: Why so high on the Seahawks? Well, Smith has been a serviceable starter for the team, and they also snagged a quarterback in waiting in Howell, a player who started 17 games and threw 612 passes in 2023. That gives them a good experience and an upside. Howell struggled with sacks and turnovers, but the Commanders weren’t great in 2023. With better coaching, a better team, and a chance to learn behind a veteran, I like Howell’s future potential. That, to me, gives the Seahawks a good duo and lands them in this spot.

No. 6: Los Angeles Rams

On the Roster: Matthew Stafford, Jimmy Garoppolo, and Stetson Bennett

About: Will we ever see Bennett? It’s becoming increasingly unlikely. It would also have been nice if the Rams had grabbed a development prospect in the draft. Still, I like the Rams’ starter, Stafford, who has been great for a long time. He showed last season he still has some spice left in his game. The team also added a solid veteran backup in Garoppolo. Jimmy G. is suspended for the first two games, but he will be a good backstop for the Rams. It’s a close call, but I like the duo here.

No. 5: Carolina Panthers

On the Roster: Bryce Young, Andy Dalton, and Jack Plummer

About: The Panthers didn’t get a great season out of Young, the No. 1 overall pick, in his rookie season. So, why are they so high here? This is another team with a good duo—both a quarterback of the future and a solid veteran who can play if needed. Dalton is one of the better backup quarterback options in the league. And, with Dave Canales as Head Coach and new weapons added for the Panthers at receiver, running back, and tight end, I remain hopeful to see Young take a step forward in 2024. It’s a close call between the first five teams on this list, but the combination in Carolina was slightly more appealing to me, so I bumped them up to No. 5 overall.

No. 4: Arizona Cardinals

On the Roster: Kyler Murray, Desmond Ridder, and Clayton Tune

About: Tune showed he is little more than a career backup with some development needed during his brief stint in the starting lineup in 2023. But the Cardinals probably won’t need him much in 2024. Murray is back healthy and surrounded by some new weapons. He was solid in his stint to the end of 2023 and looked to be on good footing with the new coaching staff. The team also made a low-risk investment in a quality backup option, acquiring Ridder from the Falcons. A former Third-Round selection, Ridder was up-and-down as a starter in 2023. He needs more development and work, but as a backup option, I like the depth he provides here. That duo makes me excited to see how the Cardinals progress in year two under Jonathan Gannon.

No. 3: Dallas Cowboys

On the Roster: Dak Prescott, Cooper Rush, and Trey Lance

About: When you get to the Top 3, it’s about having top-end talent but also depth and options. Dallas provides that. Prescott is a Top 10 quarterback in the NFL. He has great upside and has delivered a lot for the Cowboys. Last season, in leading the team to an NFC East title, he threw for 4,516 yards and 36 touchdowns. Behind him, the team has a solid backup in Rush, who started and won several games for the Cowboys when called upon in 2022. To round it out, the team added Lance, the former third-overall pick. It gives them three interesting options, with a great option at the top. I like the group in Dallas a lot.

No. 2: Atlanta Falcons

On the Roster: Kirk Cousins, Michael Penix, Jr., and Taylor Heinicke

About: No team in the NFC has improved their quarterback room as much as the Falcons. The team returns a solid veteran in Heinicke, who is a great backup and spot starter. But they added a great prospect in the draft in Penix and signed a solid veteran starter in Cousins. Yes, Cousins is coming off an injury. But even if he’s not ready in Week 1, the Falcons have options. The pick of Penix was confounding from a draft standpoint and from a fantasy football standpoint, but in terms of what it means for this quarterback room, it’s a blessing. This is a deep and talented room, one of the best in the NFC and in the NFL.

No. 1: Philadelphia Eagles

On the Roster: Jalen Hurts, Kenny Pickett, Will Grier, and Tanner McKee

About: Likely one of McKee or Grier won’t make the final roster, though they could be on the Practice Squad. But those are merely development options for the Eagles. The reason the Eagles are No. 1 on this list begins with the fact they roster the best quarterback in the NFC in Hurts. It’s fair to say 2023 was a down year for Hurts and the team, but he still threw for 3,858 yards and 23 touchdowns. He also added 605 rushing yards and 15 rushing touchdowns. Hurts is a weapon, and with Kellen Moore as Offensive Coordinator and a star-studded offense, he should thrive. The Eagles also added a solid backup in Pickett. The former first-round pick didn’t thrive as a starter for the Steelers, but as a backup, I like the option. Pickett will have a chance to play with a better offense and a better coaching staff and to learn behind Hurts. I like the pairing and it solidifies the Eagles as the top option in the NFC for me.

Matthew Fox is a die-hard NFL fan and Broncos’ homer. He’s a member of the FSWA. You can find more from him on Twitter @knighthawk7734 or as co-host of the Fantasy Football Roundtable Podcast, a part of the Campus2Canton Network.

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