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Transfer Candidates

So often now, we see proven players bounce from programs because things become stale. A transfer is just what the doctor ordered to get right again. Here are a few prominent guys that could be headed down that path. I’ll exclude the obvious ones in Eric McAlister, Michael Pratt, and MJ Morris.


KJ Jefferson, Arkansas- Yes, he has another year left. No, I don’t think it will be used in Fayetteville. It would not shock me if reunited with Kendal Briles at TCU.

Jayden de Laura, Arizona– I discussed him a number of weeks back in a Wally Pip section. The Wildcats have got a glimpse of the future in Noah Fifita, and they like what they see. Let’s all collectively will the Hawaii native to return home to the run-n-shoot.

Will Rogers, Miss State– StarkVegas is a dumpster fire right now. Changes will be made in the offseason to staff and roster. The ideal landing spot might be with his old OC, who is now at Western Kentucky. However, I’m of the belief that it’s rare for an SEC QB to transfer down to low-level G5. Hopefully, he lands back in an air-raid system.

Chandler Morris, TCU– If my hunch is correct that KJJ heads to Ft Worth, then Morris likely hits the road as a grad transfer. Keep an eye on where his dad, Chad Morris, gets hired this offseason. He is currently an analyst at Clemson but has coaching ties throughout the south.


Image courtesy of Best of Arkansas Sports

Rocket Sanders, Arkansas– Sanders needs a change of scenery, improved health, and to shed about 15 pounds. USC could be fun, but he is a FL kid. Maybe FSU? He just happened to recently be rehabbing right down the road from his former OC, Kendal Briles…

Ashton Jeanty, Boise State– The super soph has been out with injury recently (groin or hammy suspected), but fans are on edge around the Smurf turf. They recognize they have both a coaching and an NIL problem. P5 suitors will come calling.

Demond Claiborne, Wake Forest– Are you sensing a theme yet? Wake is another program with a disappointing season. Claiborne is clearly the most talented RB for the Deacs, but they refuse to make him the lead back. We have read this book before with Kenneth Walker III. We know how it ends.


Antwane Wells Jr, South Carolina– Juice could use a medical redshirt this year to gain another final season. Unless he’s infatuated with the thought of pairing his talents with LaNorris Sellers, I would imagine he spends that final season elsewhere.

Image courtesy of the Houston Chronicle

Matthew Golden, Houston– Dana is cooked in H-town. New staff generally leads to roster turnover. Golden hasn’t been as disappointing as the Cougars as a whole, but a fresh start could do him good. He was once committed to TCU, but maybe former teammate Alton McCaskill will show him around Boulder.

Zona, the QB Killaz

Remember last year when you started every player that faced Arizona? The Wildcats haven’t had a D finish in the top half of the PAC-12 since 2010. Well, they are no longer an auto-start for your players. Especially not QB. Here is how opposing QBs have performed against the Wildcats in conference play:

This is just regulation scoring for Williams and Garbers’ average in his two games prior to Arizona, but you get the point. Something to consider when starting Sanders and Barnes in the next two weeks and heading into next season.

More like the Oregon State Vultures… Am I Right?

“Time has no meaning. I feel as if I have been left in the desert to die and am eagerly awaiting the vultures to begin their work and end my misery.” -Libba Bray

This is what it feels like watching Damien Martinez. He ranks 27th in the nation in carries and 21st in rush yards, and yet 138 different RBs have more rushing TDs than his three. In fact, he’s third in rushing TDs on his own team, where he’s narrowly edged out WR Silas Bolden and backup QB Aidan Chiles with their two TDs each. Please make it stop.

Good luck in the playoffs!!! Here is hoping your matchups provide treats, not tricks.

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