The transfer portal is officially open, and its impact on college fantasy football is going to be furious. Many high-impact players are on the move, and our top-tier CFF crew will keep you abreast of the moves.

The impact on players with devy value will also be felt, as several highly-ranked QBs are already on the move. Let’s take an early look at the players with the most devy value that have entered the portal.


Dante Moore, QB12

Moore is perhaps the biggest QB name in the portal, but his impact won’t be as immediate as some of the other names in here. A highly-ranked four-star recruit, Moore was a big signee for UCLA and started several games as a freshman. He threw for 1,610 yards and 11 TDs but had nine INTs and only a 53.5% completion rate. Moore was ultimately replaced as the starter, perhaps leading to his desire to transfer.

Oregon, Florida State, Michigan, and Miami are believed to be the leading suitors for the talented signal-caller. Oregon was Moore’s first commitment before he de-committed to head to Chip Kelly’s squad. Florida State has a massive hole at QB and Jay Norvell would be a phenomenal teacher for his development.

Moore is from Detroit, so naturally, Michigan is thought to be a suitor, and they could have a massive need at QB as well. Miami has lost their starter to the transfer portal and has a need, but not as great in recent history.

For his devy value, Oregon or Florida State would be preferred landing spots. Oregon will lose Bo Nix but still has Austin Novosad on the roster for competition. It would be hard to not give Moore the job, given the money he will command in NIL.

Florida State seems like the most logical choice to me and several people on our staff, but they are set to lose a lot of talent to the NFL in this draft. Moore would be the piece they need to take the next step and rebuild.

Cam Ward, QB18

After throwing for nearly 3,800 yards and 25 TDs in 2023, Ward was going to garner massive interest. He improved over a solid 2022 season, and Washington State’s offense seemed to hinder him at times. Ward would massively benefit from a team with more talent around him.

The hot name thus far is Ohio State, otherwise known as WRU, and Ward with those weapons would be incredibly sexy. They were not enamored with Devin Brown and have Air Noland coming in, but he will need time to develop. Ward immediately upgrades that offense, even with the departure of Marvin Harrison Jr. and potentially Emeka Egbuka.

Oregon, USC, Florida State, Washington, Miami, and Wisconsin are also believed to be in the mix, and several of those schools could massively increase his devy value. Oregon and USC have the most potential, other than Ohio State, for Ward to make a massive splash in 2024. Washington still has a nice WR core and is enticing as well.

Miami and Wisconsin feel like long shots, as neither team is ready to win big in 2024. Both teams were in similar boats to Wazzu as far as surrounding talent.

Ultimately, Ward will go where his heart and bank account lead him; I believe it’s Ohio State, but he won’t be their only target.

Aiden Chiles, QB20

Some have Chiles listed as the top QB in the transfer portal, but his value may lie more in CFF than Devy. We do, however, really like Chiles and his potential.

Chiles was the QB16 in our 2023 Devy Guide, where Cory Pereira wrote, “Chiles brings an explosive element as a rusher, showing elusiveness in the open field and impressive contact balance despite his slender frame. He’s not the most experienced passer, but Chiles has shown improvement throughout his career and developed into a fairly accurate passer.”

A popular landing spot for Chiles is Michigan State, following his head coach, Jonathan Smith. The Spartans lost all of their QBs to the portal, and Chiles would be a massive get, but is he going to want to be a part of a massive rebuild? The Spartans have shown a willingness to pay for their football program and would certainly be willing to pony up some cash. Chiles has followed several key Michigan State recruits, and there appears to be little buzz about him going elsewhere.

Kyle McCord, QB24

Perhaps one of the most shocking portal entrances, McCord declared this morning, he would enter the transfer portal. After leading the Buckeyes to an 11-1 record in 2023, while throwing for 3,170 yards and 24 TDs to only six INTs, it perhaps signals the team wishes to go a different direction.

It’s hard to imagine a team putting McCord in a better situation than Ohio State did, and he has shown the ability to make NFL throws. But overall, he was inconsistent and held Ohio State’s offense back some, at times.

It’s hard to project where McCord will land at this point, but many of the programs that have lost quarterbacks on this list will also be shopping for a new team leader. He played his high school ball in Philadelphia and could draw some interest from East Coast teams. McCord will likely have his pick of many suitors and should have healthy NIL offers, but I see his falling devy value taking even more of a hit.

Will Howard, QB28

Courtesy of Bring on the Cats

Maybe not as sexy of a name, but Howard is still going to draw a lot of interest and could be a fantastic “consolation prize” for many QB-needy teams. He threw for 2,643 yards and 24 TDs in 2023 while rushing for another 351 yards and tacking on nine rushing scores. He’s an electric playmaker who led a proficient Kansas State offense this year.

Any of the universities above could come calling; a popular destination I am hearing for Howard is Notre Dame. I’m not hearing a lot of hard information up til this point, but Howard will be hearing his name mentioned a lot after the first few dominoes fall.

He’s also from Pennsylvania and feels like more of a Midwest/East Coast guy. I could see teams like Missouri and Auburn making a run at Howard. He’s an instant upgrade at quite a few programs.

Tyler Van Dyke, QB29

Just when I wanted to be totally out on TVD, he chucks his name in the portal and apparently is gaining attention at some really enticing locations. He’s also being mentioned at Notre Dame and Auburn. I am also hearing Kentucky, North Carolina, and Mississippi State as possible destinations.

There was a time when TVD was a top ten pick for some in devy, and the right situation could immensely rehab his devy stock. A stable program with some weapons around him, like Kentucky, could give him a great shot at doing that.

Regardless, TVD gets another shot, but I saw enough that I don’t have the highest hopes for him to regain much value.

Riley Leonard, QB30

Perhaps one of the most fun names in the portal is Leonard. The former Duke QB is hitting the market at a great time, and his name is a hot one. His 2023 season was kind of a disappointment as he missed time, but his 2022 flashed potential. He threw for nearly 3,000 yards and rushed for 700 more, accounting for 33 total TDs that season.

Ohio State was thought to be in the running, but Ward is emerging as their top target. Notre Dame is a popular choice for Leonard, but teams like USC (if they believe Malachi Nelson isn’t ready), Oregon, and Washington could push if other options don’t pan out.

It feels like Leonard to Notre Dame is nearly a lock at this point, but nothing is set in stone. I feel like that would be a great place to showcase his talent, but Notre Dame has had a mass exodus of receiver talent to the portal. I’m not as keen on the spot as I was a week ago.

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