This article outlines the top-performing college players each week. There is a table for each position organized by draft eligibility and, below each table, I’ll note things I find interesting.


The best metrics for year-over-year correlation at the QB position are QBR, EPA/Play, AYA, and Completion %.

Top 25 QB's in 2023 Class
Top 15 QB's in 2024 Class
Top 10 QB's in 2025 Class


The best metrics for RBs are Yards per Team Play which is a measure of volume and efficiency, Backfield Dominator Rating which is the share of the backfield production, rushing, and receiving, that an RB earns, Dominator Rating which is the share of the total team rushing and receiving production, and Reception Share which tells you how big of the reception pie the RB earned.

Top 25 RB's in 2023 Class
Top 25 RB's in 2024 Class
Top 15 RB's in 2025 Class


The most important stats for a WR are their Reception Yards per Team Pass Attempt and Weighted Dominator Rating. Generally, over 2 is good and 3 is great for RYPTPA, and over 20% is good and 30% is great for Weighted Dominator.

Top 25 WR's in 2023 Class
Top 25 WR's in 2024 Class
Top 15 WR's in 2025 Class


Top 20 TE's in 2023 Class
Top 15 TE's in 2024 Class
Top 10 TE's in 2024 Class

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