This article outlines the top-performing college players each week. There is a table for each position organized by draft eligibility and, below each table, I’ll note things I find interesting.


The best metrics for year-over-year correlation at the QB position are QBR, EPA/Play, AYA, and Completion %.

Max Duggan – Had a great game with almost 400 yards and five TDs. It was against inferior competition but it’s the best you can ask for.

Bryce Young – Still showing off good rushing numbers but his QBR took a hit after this week’s game against Texas. That AYA is #notgood.

Anthony Richardson – Had such a bad game against  Kentucky (3.8 QBR) that he dropped out of the top 25 completely.

CJ Stroud – Still posting great passing numbers.

Caleb Williams – Asserting his place as the top QB in this class. His passing numbers look phenomenal.

Quinn Ewers – Started off great against Alabama posting a 95.8 QBR but he ended up getting injured after 12 pass attempts. Promising performance and I’m excited to see how he plays after he’s back from injury.

Jaxson Dart – Looks a little better after this week. His AYA went from 4 to 8.4 which is good to see his depth of target rising.

Tyler Buchner – Is not looking good…

Small sample sizes all around.

Drew Allar – That EPA/play and AYA are what we’re looking for from Freshmen.


The best metrics for RBs are – Yards per Team Play is a measure of volume and efficiency. Backfield Dominator Rating is the share of the backfield production, rushing, and receiving, that an RB earns. Dominator Rating is the share of the total team rushing and receiving production. Reception Share tells you how big of the reception pie the RB earned.

Evan Hull – Over 200 receiving yards and 2 total TDs on the day. He was Campus 2 Canton’s Player of the Week.

Bijan Robinson – Had some great receptions against Alabama. He was targeted downfield multiple times and earned some solid receptions.

Devin Neal – Didn’t get a ton of opportunities but took full advantage of the ones given with two rushing TDs and one receiving TD.

Jadyn Ott – Looks like he’s the main offense for Cal which is a great sign for a Freshman.

Nicholas Singleton – Had his breakout week going 10-179-2. Look at that 4.16 RYOE/Att. Beautiful.

Ashton Jeanty – Has been earning a good share of the Biose State offense. He already has 8 receptions on the year.


The most important stats for a WR are their Reception Yards per Team Pass Attempt and Weighted Dominator Rating. Generally, over two is good and three is great for RYPTPA, over 20% is good and 30% is great for Weighted Dominator.

Marvin Mims – Broke out this week with 7-163-2 against Kent State. He had a good connection with Dillon Gabriel in the second half.

Jordan Addison – Went off for 7-172-2 against Stanford. 

Xavier Hutchinson – He wasn’t slowed down by the great Iowa defense. He’s looking like a top CFF WR this year.

Charlie Jones – Is the top option in that Purdue offense. He’s accounted for over 50% of their offense and is another top CFF WR.

Marvin Harrison Jr. – Destroyed Arkansas State, arguably the worst defense in the country, for 7-184-3. Huge game for the 2nd year player and shows he can take over a game.

Emeka Egbuka – Even though MHJ had a great game, Emeka did well in his own right going 4-118-1.

Dane Key – The best performing Freshman so far. He’s on par with Tayvion Robinson for the top receiver on the offense.

Jordan Hudson – Is winning the TCU Freshmen battle between himself and DJ Allen.


Luke Musgrave – Looking like he has the size and speed to be a major factor for Oregon State this year.

Michael Trigg – He was more involved this week earning 5-28-3. You like to see them going to him in the red zone.

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