This article outlines the top-performing college players each week. There is a table for each position organized by draft eligibility and, below each table, I’ll note things I find interesting.


The best metrics for year-over-year correlation at the QB position are QBR, EPA/Play, AYA, and Completion %.

Jalon Daniels – Is one of the big surprises of the season. He’s playing really well, but his 9.4 AYA makes me think he’s not throwing as well as his other numbers indicate.

Michael Penix Jr. – Transferring back with his old coach is doing wonders for him this season. Great decision.

Anthony Richardson – Out of the top 25. Not great Bob.

Todd Centeio – Great PPR PPG and his advanced stats back that up.

Caleb Williams – Asserting his place as the top QB in this class. His passing numbers look phenomenal.

Kaidon Salter – Rushing numbers are great, but passing is questionable.

Tyler Buchner – Is not looking good…

Small sample sizes all around.

AJ Swann – Fantastic game against NIU going 18/28-255-4.

Drew Allar – That EPA/play and AYA are what we’re looking for from Freshmen.


The best metrics for RBs are Yards per Team Play which is a measure of volume and efficiency, Backfield Dominator Rating which is the share of the backfield production, rushing, and receiving, that an RB earns, Dominator Rating which is the share of the total team rushing and receiving production, and Reception Share which tells you how big of the reception pie the RB earned.

DeWayne McBride – Had a huge day on the ground against Georgia Souther going 28-223-4.

Keaton Mitchell – Look at that beautiful RYOE/Att.

Eric Gray – Makes the top 25 this week after gashing Nebraska for 113 yards and 2 TDs. 

Raheim Sanders – Three huge games in a row now, this week going for 167 yards and 1 TD on the ground and 75 yards and 1 TD through the air. He’s looking like a top 3 talent in the class, and he’s not number 3.

Nicholas Singleton – Looks like he’s running away with the Penn State backfield after his second 100-yard and 2-TD game in a row.


The most important stats for a WR are their Reception Yards per Team Pass Attempt and Weighted Dominator Rating. Generally, over 2 is good and 3 is great for RYPTPA, and over 20% is good and 30% is great for Weighted Dominator.

Kris Thornton – Is crazy efficient and paying off for fantasy drafters!

Ali Jennings – Is 65% of his team’s passing offense. Big numbers here.

Keylon Stokes – One of the surprises of the season starting the season off with 3 games with at least 100 yards and 1 TD.

Ohio State – Surprise, surprise. Ohio State has two of the top receivers in the class. Who would have guessed?

Lorenzo Styles Jr.  – Is having a down year by raw stats but his advanced stats say it has been decent so far.

This class is looking good so far.

Dane Key – The best performing Freshman to this point.


Brock Bowers – Finally on the board with a big game going 5-121-2.

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