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Last week, I went on a week-long vacation with my family, which coincided perfectly with my biggest supplemental draft of the offseason. Not only does this league not have any waivers throughout the year, but it is also the highest buy-in currently in my league portfolio. And honestly, I haven’t performed particularly well in this league over the past two years. So with a week on the beach to prepare, I embarked on a quest to create the ultimate pre-draft queue. Ultimately, the list totaled 223 players and took me way longer than I care to admit.

This series will break down my thought process behind this queue’s macro and micro strategy. How do I blend my rankings, understanding of current ADP, and this specific waiver-less format into a ranked list? And how do I approach a draft once I have my queue set? I’ll attempt to answer both questions while detailing my approach to supplemental drafts this summer. I should note that I deconstructed my queue to show the tiers and types of players you should be considering early in drafts. For the full queue in the order that I’ve presented it, please DM me.

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