I cannot believe that in many leagues, there are just two weeks left in the regular season! It’s crunch time for a lot of teams who are looking to keep their playoff spots or fight their way into them! Week 9 represents the final week of bye-week hell, and many teams are left scrambling as to who they can grab and play to get through it all! We’ll be covering some of those bigger names today!

In this article, we’ll be discussing players who should be widely available on your CFF/C2C teams. In order to accomplish this, we’ll only look at guys who are rostered on only 30% of teams or less, according to Fantrax.

As always, it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t always just target the top performers from the week before. Context matters even more in college fantasy than it does in NFL fantasy. A guy going off for 200+ yards and three touchdowns is great, but when it only comes on five touches versus an FCS opponent, you don’t want to fall for that trap. We do our best here to sift through the traps and provide you guys who will boost your teams down the stretch for your playoff runs!


Jordan McCloud – James Madison – Rostership: 18%

Jordan McCloud - Football - James Madison University Athletics
Jordan McCloud – Football – James Madison University Athletics

If Curt Cignetti isn’t lining up for a promotion to be the head coach at a P5 program this time next year, he needs to fire his agent, simple as that. He has done incredible work with the James Madison Dukes over the last couple of seasons. Cignetti has made them a squad that could’ve won the Sun Belt twice in their first two years if they weren’t barred from the championship game for some weird reason.

What most exemplifies his and his staff’s borderline miracle work is what they’ve done with their QBs. They took Todd Centeio, a complete after-thought QB at Colorado State under Steve Adazio, and turned him into a top 20 option at QB for CFF in 2022. Now, they’ve done it again with Jordan McCloud, who hasn’t seen success at either South Florida or Arizona but is now a legit starting option for CFF moving forward this season.

It took the Dukes a while to settle on a QB, but McCloud’s previous starting experience helped elevate him as the season went on, even if he wasn’t the first to get a chance at the starting gig. Since then, the Dukes have hit another level. He’s been a very solid option the last couple of weeks, throwing anywhere between 240-270 passing yards, and had a three-game stretch where he tossed more than three TDs in each of them.

While not a gamebreaker with his legs, McCloud can also provide some floor value with some rushing, as he’s had 20+ rushing yards in each of his last three games. He’s going up against Old Dominion this week, who is 105th in the country vs. the pass, and should provide plenty of scoring opportunities for the Dukes and McCloud.

Garrett Greene – West Virginia – Rostership: 19%

Garrett Greene - Football - West Virginia University Athletics
Garrett Greene – Football – West Virginia University Athletics

There are plenty of things that have surprised me this year, and the fact that Neal Brown may actually find a way to get another year at West Virginia is certainly near the top. Some consistency at QB has done wonders for the Mountaineers. Ever since Garrett Greene came back from his brief injury, he’s been on an absolute tear. He’s proven himself to be a valuable asset for CFF moving forward and a very safe play for those who have some tough matchups at QB in Weeks 9 and 10.

One way or another, Greene is going to find a way to score points for your team. While his passing is a bit up and down, his legs keep him involved in every game. He’s had 12+ attempts in every one of the last three games, running for 80, 47, and 117 yards in each, respectively, and scoring four TDs on the ground total. His upcoming schedule is incredible between UCF, who is a bottom 5 defense vs. the rush, and BYU. When you have a guy who is a top 20 fantasy points per week QB and has those kind of matchups up and coming, he’s a no-brainer to add to a squad that is struggling to find consistency at QB.

Honorable Mentions
  • Chandler Rogers, QB – North Texas – 25%
  • Kyron Drones, QB – Virginia Tech – 8%
  • Joey Aguilar, QB – Appalachian State – 12%

Running Backs

Terion Stewart – Bowling Green – Rostership: 18%

Bowling Green football running back Terion Stewart hints at return | The  Blade
Bowling Green football running back Terion Stewart – Toledo Blade

Sound the MACtion alarm because we’ve got ourselves another player to invest in from everyone’s favorite mid-week wacky conference (no offense to the CUSA)! This time, we head over to the Falcons of Bowling Green, a team typically thought of as forgettable for college fantasy purposes (unless your name is Chris Moxley). There, one will find Terion Stewart, a player whom some in the CFF community have been speculating about for a while now but hadn’t broken away from the pack in the backfield. That is, until now.

Stewart has been quietly productive over the last couple of weeks. He really broke onto the scene when nothing Georgia Tech could do would stop him. I’ve said before that when a player from a G5 team breaks out during competition against a P5 team, watch for them to get ample opportunities moving forward. Throw Stewart into the pile of examples that have made that piece of advice ring true. After the performances vs. the Yellow Jackets, Stewart has seen 19+ touches and 120+ yards in two of his last three games. He went nuts with the three touchdowns vs. Akron last week. His upcoming schedule includes a bye this week, but then he gets Ball State and Kent State, two of the worst MAC defenses you can find. Stewart is the kind of latter-season breakout back that can really help pave your way to the playoffs with his two upcoming matchups. Unfortunately, he does find himself facing Toledo in week 12 during playoffs, so understand that risk when you’re investing in him now.

Quinten Cooley – Liberty – Rostership: 22%

Cooley's career night lifts Liberty over Jax St; Flames bowl eligible for  5th straight year | WSET
Cooley’s Career Night Lifts Liberty over Jax State – WSET

It is absolutely insane to me that a guy like Cooley, who has been leaving nothing but broken opponents and broken dreams in his wake for several weeks now, is still available in over three-quarters of leagues. The Flames needed some help on the ground as they couldn’t risk running Salter 20 times a game without risking injury there. Cooley, who transferred from Wake Forest this past season, has answered that call and has done so magnificently.

Cooley has hit 100 rushing yards in five out of his last six games. He started out not having the volume I and many others would want to see to invest in him, but that has since been rectified. He’s had 20+ touches in each of his last two games, as Liberty has hit the meat of their conference schedule. Things only look to get better from here on out. Given Liberty’s CUSA schedule, Cooley should be a must-start from here on out every single week, and this week especially is extra juicy. The Flames are going up against Western Kentucky, who is 127th vs. the rush this season. Both Salter and Cooley should eat plenty in that matchup, and if you’re able to somehow load up both on a roster, that’s a beautiful stack for you and a dangerous one for your opponents.

Honorable Mentions:
  • Makhi Hughes, RB – Tulane – 28%
  • Malik Sherod, RB – Fresno State – 23%
  • Sione Vaki, RB/DB/WR – Utah – 6%
  • Camryn Edwards, RB – UConn – 0%
  • Kye Robichaux, RB – Boston College – 3%

Wide Receivers

Brennan Presley – Oklahoma State – Rostership: 17%

Brennan Presley - 2022 - undefined - Oklahoma State University Athletics
Brennan Presley – 2022 – Undefined – Oklahoma State University Athletics

Everyone who left the Oklahoma State offense for dead after their start to the season, please kindly raise your hand!

(My hand is up, by the way.)

What a turnaround this offense has seen over the last couple of weeks. Turns out that when you finish playing mind games with your starters and actually show you trust them with your play calling, it can work wonders. Anyone who has faced Ollie Gordon in fantasy the last couple of weeks knows exactly how that has gone. But Gordon is not the only player to benefit from this resurgent Cowboys offense. Long-time receiver Brennan Presley is finally cashing in on his veteran status on this offense and has become a solid CFF receiver to play, especially in PPR formats.

Over the last couple of weeks, as Oklahoma State has been ramping up on offense, it is clear that Presley is heavily figured into their plans each and every week. In three weeks, Presley has seen 29 targets. Because of his role in the slot, he sees a lot of low ADOT throws. Therefore, he pulls in the vast majority of his targets, making his PPR value very nice.

The downside of his roll is with those low ADOT throws, Presley has to earn production after the catch and he hasn’t been able to convert that into big plays just yet. This causes his production to suffer some, as can be seen in his inability to hit 100 yards despite his great volume. Regardless, he has a knack for finding the end zone and catching the balls that are thrown to him, which makes him a very nice floor asset to plug in when the going gets tough for a star receiver or two over the next couple of weeks!

Nic Anderson – Oklahoma – Rostership: 14%

Nic Anderson - Oklahoma Sooners Wide Receiver - ESPN
Nic Anderson- Oklahoma Sooners Wide Receiver – ESPN

Now we got to the opposite side of bedlam and discuss another true freshman breakout at WR this season, Nic Anderson of Oklahoma. For those of you who listened to my podcast, Chasing the Natty, you know I listed Anderson as a “trap player” on the waiver wire after his big performance against Tulsa. You all are probably wondering why I have changed my tune. I stand by my inclusion of him at that point and even during the following weeks when he was still a TD machine. During that period, Anderson was only looking at 3-4 targets a game, not something you want to rely on in fantasy.

Since that stretch, two major things have happened: Andrel Anthony’s injury and Oklahoma’s bye week. Anthony’s injury has opened up opportunities on the outside on the Sooner’s offense. Given the performance Anderson has put forth, it was hard to think of another candidate to step up for those snaps. In addition, the bye week for any team marks a period where changes can be fully incorporated into an offense.

When teams have a guy like Anderson performing as well as they are to start their freshman year, they want to see more of that player just as much as anyone watching does. However, changing offensive plays and strategies to feature a certain player can be difficult to do on a weekly basis. So when the bye week comes along and staffs have an extra week of preparation, they finally get that opportunity.

How do I know that is what happened with Anderson? Because the first game out of the bye week, Anderson more than doubled his target record for the year and ended the game with ten targets. He’s been fully incorporated into this Jeff Lebby offense moving forward and, therefore, is a legit CFF asset as the season closes down the stretch.

Honorable Mentions
  • Noah Smith, WR – Sam Houston – 15%
  • Courtney Jackson, WR – Oklahoma State – 3%
  • Kenneth Womack, WR – Western Michigan – 1%
  • Javon Baker, WR – UCF – 18%
  • Reggie Brown, WR – James Madison – 20%

Tight End

Oscar Delp – Georgia – Rostership: 25%

The Daily Recap: It's Oscar Delp's time with Brock Bowers out - UGASports
It’s Oscar Delp’s Time with Brock Bowers Out – UGASports.com

Writing about TEs for CFF has become such a bummer each and every week. As I trudge through the waiver wire praying I can find someone, anyone, to be excited about, it just reminds me of all we have lost this season at the TE position. With that being said, what I can get excited about is the opportunity to write about one of my Georgia Bulldogs.

With Brock Bowers out for, likely, the rest of the regular season, it is time for Georgia to utilize that absolutely loaded TE room they’ve built over the last couple of years. Behind Bowers, Delp came in as the #1 TE in his class and had a ton of early buzz, even with Bowers being the Unicorn that he is. Delp’s strength is his pass-catching ability, which will make him an enticing target as he runs the same routes that Beck is used to looking for Bowers on.

With all that being said, Delp still isn’t Bowers and won’t be someone who replicates Bowers’ insane production. However, if he can do half of what Bowers was doing, you’re looking at a guy who is still better than 85% of TE options out there currently.

For More Waivers:

There are obviously way more names to consider for picking up in CFF this week than the one-two per position that I’ve fully broken down above. For more in-depth looks at even more waiver wire options for this week, make sure to check out Monday’s episode of Chasing the Natty: A CFF Podcast, available on YouTube and all your favorite podcast locations!

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