Gavin Sawchuk is a four-star running back out of Littleton, Colorado. Gavin is the star running back of Valor Christian high school, the same high school that produced NFL star, Christian McCaffrey. While Gavin is becoming so well known for his football ability, he is a two-sport athlete at Valor Christian. Gavin has verified track results of 6.78 indoor 60. He also ran a sub-11.00 100 yard dash.


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While his junior season was cut short due to Covid, Gavin still put up monster numbers in just seven games. He helped lead Valor Christian to 5A state runner-up finish. Hopefully, with a full season ahead, hopefully, in 2021, Gavin has a chance to put up some impressive numbers through his high school career.

Gavin Sawchuk current high school stats per

Gavin brings a little bit of everything to his game. His vision and patience are what stand out the most to me. His ability to wait for the hole to open and use his burst to get through the hole and hit the second level. He often shows to be a one-cut and go running back. Once that hole is open, he’s off to the races. His team around him does an amazing job as well in blocking. His offensive line and wide receivers lay it all on the line to allow Gavin to hit holes, and he typically rewards them. One of my favorite highlights is his stiff arm. For a player his size, he is very physical when he needs to be. If you’d like to see my full breakdown of his game and what he can bring the Oklahoma Sooners, check out my video on YouTube for our not early enough 2022 rankings.

Gavin has committed to the Oklahoma Sooners and is a great fit for their offense. He joins fellow 2022 running back prospect Raleek Brown. Brown is also a top-five running back prospect in their class.

Per, Gavin comes in as their running back four. He’s a top 50 national player and the top player coming out of Colorado.

Per the 247sports composite rankings, which takes the rankings of rivals and ESPN as well. Gavin is ranked as the third overall running back, 43rd ranked national player, and the top player in Colorado.

While the industry is high on Gavin Sawchuk, we at Campus2Canton are a bit split on him. Alfred and Austin currently have him as his RB12 overall. While Matt has him ranked as his RB3.

The Interview

Gavin was nice enough to spare a few minutes and answer some questions for me about what he’s excited about, his senior season, and what led him to Oklahoma. Here is our discussion.

What you’re hoping for from your senior season?

We made it to the Championship game last year and lost. We have been putting in the work to make that run again and hopefully have a different outcome. So, the state championship is a goal, and I hope we do it right and all stay healthy.

What’s the best part of your game?

SPEED!! I ran 10.62 in the 100m as a freshman and know I could have hit 10.5 something if I didn’t hurt my hammy. I ran 6.78 in the 60m my 1st indoor race my sophomore season. I haven’t ran a meet since then because of COVID, but I know I can go faster.

What part of the game do you want to improve on?

I want to be an all-purpose back, so for me, I have to continue working on everything. There is not one part of my game that is perfect or will it ever be, so continuing to grind!

Is there a RB you study or style yourself after?

Like I said earlier, I want to be an all-purpose, every-down back. I have worked with Christian when he comes home at times and would like to see the success he has had. I have learned a lot from him, especially in the passing game. I like to watch Alvin Kamala, but I have one of the best that will be coaching me with Coach Murray.

What led you to Oklahoma?

It just felt like home. I have an uncle who played for Florida and is in the league, and he told me when I find the right spot, I would know. When I walked into the weight room at Oklahoma, I was ready to get to work. I just knew. I also built a great relationship with Coach Murray and Riley. We hit it off from the beginning and just continued to build the relationship. They talk about leveraging me in the run game and the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield, and that’s what I want to do.

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You’re rated as one of the top RBs by all three main recruiting sites. How does that motivate you?

Personally, I don’t look at the ratings or think about them that much. I know there are a lot of players that worry about stars and rankings, and that is great…but I’m not too worried. Don’t get me wrong, it is a blessing, and I truly appreciate it, but I am not motivated by ratings. My motivating is faith and family. I want to be a great follower of God, a great son, a great brother, a great role model, a great teammate, and a great player.

Being considered one of the top RBs, I imagine besides the work you’ve put in, it takes a village to get here. Who’s been key in helping you become so successful?

It does take a village, and I can’t name off everyone, but it starts with God. My family has been a key role, as well as all my Coaches from little league to HS. A couple of key mentors for me have been my Mom (Tammy) on faith, Jermaine Stafford, my speed Coach, and Andra Davis for the help with football life and mental toughness. I have to give thanks to Coach Yantis, Coach McCaffrey, Coach Stokley, and the entire Valor Coaching staff for the opportunities that have provided me. I think everyone has something that they have offered me in one way or another that has helped me grow. Seeing success and failure has continued to help me grow.

Many thanks to Gavin again for taking the time to answer my questions. Gavin has a very bright future ahead of him. He’s not resting on his laurels and has the talent to go the distance. Make sure to keep up with him on Twitter @G28football. I know I’ll be rooting for him to get that state championship this year, and I can’t wait to see him hit the field for the Sooners next fall.

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