Your 2024 CFF Jumbo WR3 Theory Candidates for Best Ball Drafts

The WR3 in a proficient passing offense has the potential for massive production, especially with an injury to one of the top targets. Here are four to target in CFF Drafts!

Mid-Season 2024 Draft Watchlist: Wide Receiver

It’s Mid-Season, time to revise the initial list, and re-evaluate. Take this…

2024 Draft Watchlist: Wide Receivers

Two #GoBucks reciever DOMINATE the 2024 Draft class. Here’s a complete breakdown of the DEEP class from @FF_DirtyMike

2023 CFF Pre-Spring Stock Report: STOCK UP

Going into the spring, a few players in College Fantasy Football are seeing a stock rise – here are a few of them! #Campus2Canton #CFF