Incoming Freshman Profile: TreVeyon Henderson, RB- The Ohio State University.

TreVeyon Henderson is considered the top running back in the 2023 class. How does he fit into the Ohio State offense? Will he be a top player this year?

Top 10 Quarterback Values Beyond the Top 4 in Campus 2 Canton Startups (Part I)

Identifying the top 10 quarterback values in Campus 2 Canton startups according to March ADP.

Jacorey Brooks – Incoming Freshman Profiles

Austin (@devydeets) takes a look at one of the top wide receivers in the 2021 class, Alabama’s Jacorey Brooks. While he does not fit the profile of recent Bama WRs, Brooks has a strong case to contribute early

Athletes in the Rough

One area that continues to be overlooked in fantasy football scouting are…

Top 10 composite 3 star RBs per 247sports

In a campus to canton (C2C) league, the incoming freshmen are the…

What is a Campus to Canton League?

Campus to Canton leagues have been popping up everywhere lately. And you may find yourself wondering what exactly this new type of fantasy football league is but didn’t know where to go to learn about them. Well we at are here to help! In this article, Colin walks you through exactly what a Campus to Canton league is, how it’s different from Devy, and why it just might be for you!

How to create a Campus to Canton League

Matt walks you through how to setup a Campus to Canton league. How to set up the college side on Fantrax and NFL side on MFL.

Incoming Freshman Profile: Kyle McCord, QB- The Ohio State University

Kyle McCord is one of the best freshman quarterback prospects in 2021. He is joining a loaded Ohio State team. What does he bring to the team and what is his future?

Transfer Portal: Running to a New Team

The College Transfer Portal has become a new phase of recruiting for College teams. Matt gives you a breakdown of his favorite RBs and their new landing spots.

Incoming Freshman Profile: Lonnie White Jr., WR – Penn State

Austin (@devydeets) returns with another freshman profile, this time looking at the future of Penn State’s wide receiver room.